Thursday, January 17, 2008


Haha... Ok. I have not updated for like 2 months already! I deserve all the scoldings. Lol. My excuse is that i started to get very busy at work when we outsourced to India, and then when work stopped on 31 Dec, i started having so much fun slacking and doing all the stuff i needed to do! My reason.. is that i've been lazy to update and that it's just so much better to meet friends and family up in person rather than talk online. So much more personal. I won't be able to do this when i'm in Aussie... So i must make use of the time i have right now! So if the blog is more important when i'm overseas, not now!

Yups. I've been doing lotsa preparations for my trip. And that includes booking my tickets! It's SQ269: 19th Feb, Tues, 2350 at T3! So i guess i gotta check in at 2150. I hope i won't cry! Haha. At least my parents will go with me for a week! :) (thank you so much, you know who for you know what! this is the most fantastic thing ever...)

So what's up so far? I've been trying to cook, study (yes started studying some cool anatomy book!), shop for necessities, exercise ALOT, eat ALOT, go out with as many friends as possible, and do what i can for and with cell as much as possible now!

I am glad to announce that i have, with the help of others, successfully cooked curry chicken (extra spicy!!!), sweet and sour pork, and hokkaido milk bread!

YAY! I LOVVVVVVE the sweet and sour pork from Hwa Chong canteen. Some other canoeists and I almost ate CaiFan with sweet and sour pork everyday during JC days. haha. We used to joke that the CaiFan uncle put drugs in it cos it was just so good. So i met up with my leney and dongua to eat there and then ask the uncle to teach us how to make it. He still remembers me after so long!! Ha. And of cos, because i was his most ardent fan, he Agreed! It's a recipe passed down from his mum lo! so nice right? I feel like i have such a huge responsibility to pass it down to a selected tudi too. Ha. I managed to re-create it!!! Yes!

The milk bread was so good too. It's softer and sweeter then Cafe Cartel bread, but lacking the same crust. Should have left it in the oven for a longer time with a higher temp at the last few minutes.

I shall try making sushi next. Heh. I am crazy over JAP FOOD now! Ha. J la. Intro me to 'Shota no Sushi' on crunchyroll... It's a really GREAT show about this guy becoming a sushi chef. Oh my gosh. Just watching it makes me drool. The good thing about this show is that even though it's based on a comic book, and it's fiction, there's alot of factual information to learn from! Patrick! You should really catch it. Trust me. :) So yes. I was so glad to satisfy my cravings when Ee Foo brought some of us to eat a Jap buffet at 'i won't tell you unless you ask me in case everyone starts going there and it becomes too crowded' Ha. The sashimi was absolutely worth the buffet price. So Fresh! So Thick! Such Fatty Meat! Ha. If you're a sashimi lover, you should really try...

Then Serene brought me to her favourite Jap place too! Haha... So many funny stuff happened...
I was SO HIGH because we sat at the counter! Was super excited looking at the chef make the sushi for our raw fish sushi set and oh my... the sushi is nothing like what you see at Cold Storage lor. The fish is a gigantic slice covering the whole piece of rice and even touching the plate. Check out the pict!

Ha. After learning from 'Shota no Sushi' how to see if the sushi is properly moulded, i tried to 'test' the sushi too. Heh. So sad.. It failed. But.. it's ok. The high quality ingredients more than made up for it. Ha. Even though i tried to do it as discreetly as possible, i think the chef saw me... Ha. And maybe he felt abit apologetic, so he gave us another 'maguro' (tuna) sushi! It was really interesting talking to him. Humourous and friendly guy. :)
Then there was another chef who was preparing this lobster sashimi - the whole lobster put on ice and with decorations. It looked really pretty! So i took a picture using my hp. Ha.. He saw me doing that and started chuckling... Then as i continued eating my sushi, suddenly he placed a live lobster in a bowl and put it right in front of me!!! Ahhh! I was so shocked. Ha. Goodness me. These chefs are so funny...

As we continued eating, one waiter came up to me and asked me if i could do him a favour. Ha. I thought he wanted us to try some new dish or something, but turned out he wanted me to bake a cheesecake for his colleague for her birthday! WOW! (Cos the first time i came here in nov 07 was to celebrate Serene's bday. I baked her a oreo cheesecake, and asked to waitresses to help me keep it in the fridge first and serve it after we finish our food. They were so excited and told me to give them any leftovers if any, cos it smelled very good, so that they can try the cheesecake! Ha. We only manage to finish half in the end, so we gave it to them! Ha. Turned out that one of them still remember that it tastes good, and so really wanted to eat it again for her birthday on 30 jan) Haa.. I was so flattered, so i couldn't help agreeing to do it. Ha. :) (Anyone wants the recipe? It's really not that difficult. I got it from the 20 minute recipe column from Her World Magazine. So credit doesn't go to me! It's the good recipe i managed to lay my hands on!)
Ha... Then when we ate till we were too stuffed to continue, the manager (who was serving us all along) asked if we wanted dessert - black sesame ice cream. WAH! How did he know both me and Serene liked black sesame??? Ha. So scary. We had to decline even though we were so tempted cos we just couldn't eat anymore.. So sad. Ha. Then the 2 other waitresses (the ones who helped us with the cake the last time) came up to us and wanted to give us complimentary desserts! Ha. So sweeet... And then offered to give it to us next time we come again since we're so full. Awwww.... GRINS
Last exciting thing: The manager let us play a game after the bill. Pick one card from the 5 blank white cards in his hand. I wasn't very sure whether he was trying to perform some magic trick or something, but i just took the centre card. Reading the flip side, i found out that it was actually a restaurant voucher!!! BEST. We thought it might have been all the same cards, and he showed us the other 4. Ha... The other 4 were the same amounts, but mine was the voucher of the highest value! YAY!!!!
I am so going to go back; to deliver the cheesecake and eat again!!! The people there are like one happy family and they make us feel included too... It's great...

Wonder if the ppl in Aussie will be so nice too...?