Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling so hungry studying nutrition

Had such a great time in Brisby~ Thank God the highest rainfall in 12 yrs, the storm, blackout and flood that happened in the area that i stayed at didnt really affect me much. The weather was great for the activities i was doing each day.

Spent so much $ though. Needa save up for Sydney trip next year already. Hillsongs Conference! And...... I so wanna go to Tetsuya's for a meal.. heh. :P It will cost me a BOMB. Anyone wanna donate to the 'well-deserved experience of a lifetime for mel fund'?

Nutrition exam tmr, and chem on tues!!!

Realised i'm not as confident as i usually am for exams cos' alot of the info i hid in my head flew away when i sat on the roller coasters in Movie World. Still can't believe i sat on roller coasters. I'm PETRIFIED of heights. Maybe cos J tricked me into sitting the humble looking Scooby Doo one. I was so wobbly after that. I actually only planned to sit just the kiddy road-runner roller coaster. But after that i felt more confident la. Went for more... :)

Managed to re-read all my notes this weekend, and do 4 practise quizzes. I'm ready to thrash my paper tmr! But i realised that i forgot to do 1 nutrition quiz during my brisby trip. Shucks. Lost 5%. Not sure if i can get my HD now... Oh well~ Just do my best, and enjoy my exam~ :)

Meanwhile, I REALLY misssss home... Really wanna fly home now. Some friends have already went home. Now i understand how my friends felt when i changed my exam dates last sem, and was the 1st to leave. This time, i'll be the last to leave cos of OCF Convention and AGM for all the different states' OCF centres... Better prepare for my centre report soon. But first, what all of us Sporeans make the world of.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Mid-Brisbane update!

I'm in Brisbane! 1st state i'm visiting in Aussie other than Adelaide!

Yes.. I know. My exams are next week and i should be mugging in my room, or with all my other stressed out friends. But who says you can't schedule your time such that you finish studying before everyone else, and take a relaxing (or tightly packed with activities) break so that your brain cells are not moaning from over-studying when you take the exams? And.. i cut it short such that it fits in just nicely between 2 OCF gatherings.

Have been to the city, Indropolli, and Westend since Sat. Much bigger city and chinatown here compared to Adelaide, but the variety of shops are about the same. But the 'Shao La' stall, BBQ food, and desserts are not bad! Westend Village is quite a sweet place. Lotsa concept shops.. Abit like Handorf, the German Town. So i manage to buy more pressies. The rest of today and tmr will be the 'End Times Seminar' conducted by the church J attends, Hope Brisbane. Really didnt intend to go for a seminar during a hol and venture abit more around the place... But oh well. He signed me up, and this season i've been reading revelations and am trying to understand so much more about the symbols used. So much hope in this book that's become my fav now. So i'm quite expectant as to what they're going to teach. Exciting church they have here. Very tightly bonded care grps and lots of spiritual training... Much more than just services. Loving it.

Would have liked to venture further out and see more attractions. But they're all so inaccessible by car.. I can't drive, he's not sure of the road rules, and his friends are not free. Oh well... If only i learnt driving before i came over... Shucks. (Too late to regret now. Perhaps i'll just take my basic theory when i return and start booking driving dates for the end of next yr) I'm thankful that at least his gal care grp mates have very accomodatingly put me up at their place for free and joined us in our journeys around Brisby! So much more fun to have friends together to tour the place. As much as possible, i'd always want to travel with friends who are locals at the country/state, cos i'd see the recommended places, and at the same time have shared memories... If not, places are just places. Never ending attractions to see in this world la... Without the people, it's meaningless.

Wed and thurs will be the more exciting Movie World and Seaworld! But i'm hoping we can exchange Seaworld for a sandboarding + snorkelling @ Morton Island trip if we can book a place. Everyone who has went there are so excited about it! Gd way to get a tan and do be immersed in nature. Then Fri it's time to fly back. Can't possibly see everything, so it's ok. I don't have so much cash anyway. Just really thankful to meet some very lovely new friends here, and a few of the best spots. God has been most gracious in providing even my wants.

WOOHOO. I'm loving the hol. Hoping all my stored up exam info won't disappear as i'm having fun. I still want my HDs. Then it'll be a win (hol) - win (OCF) - win (exams) - win (spiritual food) - win (more / deeper friendships) situation. GRINS.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Malcolm Lee!

To SHOW OFF! by Praising God for his amazing plans and providence.

My cousin is beginning his journey of a thousand miles to become a 3 star Michelin chef. :)

Passion for cooking wins him scholarship
(The Straits Times 9 Nov)

Coming from a household where the aroma of dishes like buah keluak, a local nut spiced with belachan chilli, was often in the air, the young Malcolm Lee grew up a cooking aficionado.

But it was not until he cooked for some friends in junior college that he realised his potential.

'That was the first time people told me they enjoyed my food,' said the final-year Singapore Management University (SMU) business management student.

Mr Lee, 24, went on to clinch the $23,000 Miele Guide-at-Sunrice scholarship two Saturdays ago.

The Miele Guide will publish a list of Asia's best restaurants yearly. Its inaugural 2008/2009 edition lists 300 of the best restaurants in Asia and is available at major bookstores.

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, started seven years ago by Mrs Kwan Lui, now boasts students from 25 countries.

Upon finishing his final exams at SMU in December, Mr Lee will start his diploma in culinary craft and service excellence with the academy, at Fort Canning Centre.

When SMU had a student-run restaurant called the Treehouse, now no longer operating, Mr Lee was one of those running it. He saw to it that the food was of a high standard.

'My parents have seen what I've done and how cooking has developed me as a person, so they are very supportive,' he said.

His signature dish is tagliatelle, a pasta dish, with ragu sauce. The sauce alone takes him eight hours to make.

He has also cooked in Harry's Tap Room, in the American state of Virginia, for 21/2 months. There, he learnt that fresh produce makes all the difference.

He hopes to own a restaurant one day.

He plans to travel once his 15-month course at the academy is over.

'I want to learn from chefs all over the world and bring my experience back to Singapore and share it with my customers.'

Saturday, November 8, 2008

nah. not dating...

Hellloooo everyone who visits my blog even more than me...

I'm so sorry for not updating for so long. I totally gave up writing my blog for so long, and admit i didnt even check my tagboard... Have been quite stressed over here adapting to serving in the new christian organisation, and managing my work at the same time that blogging just went really far down in my priority list. So i go back to my usual habit of hibernating for some time.

Awww. If only... but i'm sorry to disappoint everyone looking for new exciting conversation topics i'm not dating right now... It's not the right season la. Too many changes, and i'm just clinging on tightly to God, then supporting and being supported by a huge bunch of friends than to any 1 particular guy... Well, who knows? Anytime.. anywhere.. :p

Anyway, 1st sem it was a whole new country, 2nd sem it's a whole new spiritual atmosphere and ministry altogether. I was really tense since mid-aug because i started serving more. Which wasnt the way it should be. I looked forward to serving so much in COS and spending all my resources there. But somehow i was afraid of investing more of my time and energy in OCF, till i started to even dread it a little cos i wasn't feeling comfortable with myself. The perfectionist in me just sparked off. And i struggled to meet the own expectations i placed on myself.

State wide planning, uni scale events, personal ministries.
Weaknesses revealed, strength gathered, but now personally refreshed and renewed.
Hard-pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed.
Because the all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

So it has been a great learning experience, and will continue to be as i keep building on on skills. Can be painful and stressful, but it's all worth it for the growing of character in light of the hope.

Anyway, that's the minimum turning point and inflexion points briefly described.

For now, exams are coming up 24th for nutrition and 25th Nov for chem. I have, by right, 2 weeks to study. But by left, i only have 1 week. Cos i'm going for a holiday the week before my exams! haha... I'm almost done with my revision for this 2 modules. Only 1/2 a module left to revise for a 2nd time. And try out 4 past yr papers. So i aim to finish by... tues/wed? Aiming to get both High Distinctions. So that i will top my grades last sem.

So there, i'll stop here because i can go on forever about all my experiences... but i needa go mug for whole week and know all my materials inside-out. (hwa-chong sydrome) Before i go though, there's always room for testimonies.

It's still absolutely amazing, even though I should be used to his amazing-ness by now, how God has been providing for me in every aspect even though i feel most stressed the previous few months during this sem.
For studies: Managed to get High D for NT, and should get another D for lifespan development (i think).
For finances: They were running quite dry due to some delays, but just at the right time it was topped up again.
For strengthening weakness of perfectionism: Voluntary research study that i signed up for once a week for 10 weeks let me have one on one sessions with a psychologist to see how it's possible to change certain unhelpful thinking styles to helpful ones. Enlightened me in a very different and practical way to live out Romans 12:2, to develop a renewed mind and to test and approve his will.
For more counsel and sharpening of ways: Mentors, advisors, parents and also friends.
For leisure:
Caleb and Serene coming over to celebrate bday week!
Lotsa running,
baking (this time - more apple crumble, fudgey brownies, bread pudding, macaroons) and tried sorbet freezing too,
learning to make more Korean cuisine,
kayaking with dolphins,
performing on stage in a hostel charity fund raiser event with 2 other gal friends (with group name 'The Singing Muffins'! haha.. I was 'raspberry and white choc muffin'.) AND. Getting our very first album... Ha. Cos the event was recorded live and sold as CDs to raise funds.)
Then managed to raise about $500 in another OCF event that we planned in just 2hrs and abt 30 ppl. I was auctioned off to a friend to help organise her receipts. Raised $50 just for that!! Nice~
And many other fun...

Anyway, I'm coming home 8 DEC!!!

And i wanna see my photo on the YPM camp shirt. *devastated*

Sigh. Took so long to even type out this entry... Frustrated that i can't put up pictures cos i needa try to get rid of my dark eye circles and go to sleep.

Excited to mug more tmr, and try cooking shi2 quan2 ji1 tang1 (10 medicinal herb chicken soup), for the 1st time, for my unit mates, for a farewell meal for my korean friend, for dinner.

Missing everyone...
luvs mel