Monday, November 17, 2008

Mid-Brisbane update!

I'm in Brisbane! 1st state i'm visiting in Aussie other than Adelaide!

Yes.. I know. My exams are next week and i should be mugging in my room, or with all my other stressed out friends. But who says you can't schedule your time such that you finish studying before everyone else, and take a relaxing (or tightly packed with activities) break so that your brain cells are not moaning from over-studying when you take the exams? And.. i cut it short such that it fits in just nicely between 2 OCF gatherings.

Have been to the city, Indropolli, and Westend since Sat. Much bigger city and chinatown here compared to Adelaide, but the variety of shops are about the same. But the 'Shao La' stall, BBQ food, and desserts are not bad! Westend Village is quite a sweet place. Lotsa concept shops.. Abit like Handorf, the German Town. So i manage to buy more pressies. The rest of today and tmr will be the 'End Times Seminar' conducted by the church J attends, Hope Brisbane. Really didnt intend to go for a seminar during a hol and venture abit more around the place... But oh well. He signed me up, and this season i've been reading revelations and am trying to understand so much more about the symbols used. So much hope in this book that's become my fav now. So i'm quite expectant as to what they're going to teach. Exciting church they have here. Very tightly bonded care grps and lots of spiritual training... Much more than just services. Loving it.

Would have liked to venture further out and see more attractions. But they're all so inaccessible by car.. I can't drive, he's not sure of the road rules, and his friends are not free. Oh well... If only i learnt driving before i came over... Shucks. (Too late to regret now. Perhaps i'll just take my basic theory when i return and start booking driving dates for the end of next yr) I'm thankful that at least his gal care grp mates have very accomodatingly put me up at their place for free and joined us in our journeys around Brisby! So much more fun to have friends together to tour the place. As much as possible, i'd always want to travel with friends who are locals at the country/state, cos i'd see the recommended places, and at the same time have shared memories... If not, places are just places. Never ending attractions to see in this world la... Without the people, it's meaningless.

Wed and thurs will be the more exciting Movie World and Seaworld! But i'm hoping we can exchange Seaworld for a sandboarding + snorkelling @ Morton Island trip if we can book a place. Everyone who has went there are so excited about it! Gd way to get a tan and do be immersed in nature. Then Fri it's time to fly back. Can't possibly see everything, so it's ok. I don't have so much cash anyway. Just really thankful to meet some very lovely new friends here, and a few of the best spots. God has been most gracious in providing even my wants.

WOOHOO. I'm loving the hol. Hoping all my stored up exam info won't disappear as i'm having fun. I still want my HDs. Then it'll be a win (hol) - win (OCF) - win (exams) - win (spiritual food) - win (more / deeper friendships) situation. GRINS.

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