Monday, June 23, 2008


Bio was... irritating. I'll surely pass. But there were so many questions that asked tiny details that weren't even in the lecture notes... :(

Well, at least thank God for Sheryl and Yang Wei whom I went through pass yr papers with. Answers weren't released.. So we had a tough time arguing over some qns.. And i really learnt lots from tons of my mistakes. So i know i got understood much more concepts after the practice.

Chem's tmr. Finished studying, but am rushing to do past yr papers now... I don't feel as prepared as O or A levels. Sigh. Will do my best still. GAMBATE!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

High life

I am in love with teas.
Recently it's been ginko, peppermint, chamomile, green...
You can guess what kind of effects i'm after.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My superhero power

Essays are out of the way. Thank God.

During this period, I wished that i could have the 'memory' ability that one of the lady in the show 'Heroes' has. Just read and voila. It's stuck in my head forever.

I think my Hero ability is 'To spoil electronics'. So far it's an unconscious, involuntary ability. I just haven't learnt to control my powers yet.

Coming here, I have since:
1. Mysteriously emptied my brand new printer yellow ink cartridge. And it seems i can't use my printer at all... not even to print black and white.
2. Spoilt my friend's printer, irrepairably, when i asked her for a favour (for the first time) to help me print my documents.
3. Made her camera hang as well (That's really rare isn't it?) when she wanted to take a picture of me hugging her bear.
4. Kept my phone reception still awfully bad.
5. Contracted a horrible msn virus which sends out virus to others. It's a link directing you to get the virus i think. I am 1000% sure i never clicked on the link when i got it from some others. It's not my fault!!! I shall stay off msn till i return and get help from my bro. My brilliant anti-virus isn't working...

Anyways, back to work. If mum's working that hard, I can do too... Gambate mum! Love ya... :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rebel Yell ahhhhhhhhhhh~

Study break begins!
There's a 24 hour noise curfew in the hostel where there must be no audible noises coming from the rooms or common areas and only whispering in the corridors.
If violated, there will be a $50 fine!
One exception: 'Rebel yell' at 9pm every day for 5 minutes!

It's toooo quiet...
I think i'm going to gather ppl to shout together just for the fun of it.
Yay. There's lotsa extra treats from the dining hall!
My friend passed me season 1 and 2 of the show 'Heroes'. It is abit bloody, and freaky, but from the fantastic reviews by Mingen last time, I couldn't help watching it. Too addictive! I better have more self-control. Not many days left to studyyy...

Friday, June 13, 2008


Glad to announce that i have finished a 2500-3000 word essay! Finally... after like 2 weeks of research work and another week and a half of structuring and writing. I take hopelessly long to do it. But Thank God that that's done. May it all be worth it. At least i've learnt lots from it! That's the great thing about assignments isn't it? You don't learn till the hard work is put in. Now to start on another one... Shucks. Haha.

Thank you everyone for remembering and keeping me in prayer... Really appreciate it. So much luuuuv. :)

Yup. It's exam atmosphere all around. It's like a kind of strength in unity. So fun. Well, i say that cos i'm still in familiar ground. And i'm not that stressed. Just have 2 mcq papers for bio and chem. I won't underestimate it cos qns do get kinda tough. But at least we do similar types of qns back in O and A levels.

All rights! Time to tie the white cloth around my forehead that says "必胜" and goooo! :)