Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A different feeling

I feel like dancing again... Lindy hoppers, return quickly!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a feeling

The feeling... is like...

when you are drenched and you are wearing wet squishy socks underneath your shoes
when you accidentally stepped on a flattened frog in the middle of the road
when you are starving and large plate of food you ordered tastes most inedible
when you try so hard, but you don't understand the book of Romans
when you have a piece of kangkong stuck in your bracers and you can't get it out with your tongue all day long
when you spot the nicest pair of shoes but realise that they will give you blisters
when you are constipated and stuck in the toilet for an hour
when you have diahorrea and you can't find a toilet
when you have a pimple when you are convinced you kept to your strictest skincare routine
when no matter how you control your diet, you still feel fat
when you don't have an appetite even though there's loads of good food in front of you
when you want to play soccer but your injury forces you to rest and recover
when you want to play tennis but the sunny weather suddenly changes into a thunderstorm
when it is raining outside and you have to wake up to go to school/work
when you are so expectant for a glamourous haircut, but the hairstylist made you look 10 times worse
when you didn't get enough sleep and you have to sit through a boring 2 hour lecture
when you see half a cockroach in your food
when you lose your internet connection for a month, or your handphone
when you think that no matter how hard you study, you'll still fail anyway
when your friend doesn't understand how good chocolate is for his soul

I'm not sure what else. I have very limited descriptive vocabulary. Maybe i'll add more later. Anyone wanna contribute? How would you describe this feeling, if you can guess the feeling i'm trying to portray?

<--From da babe for this feeling. I think the picture somewhat comforts me. Many laughs! Many thanks for all who are with me, not against me. It really matters...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eternal life

Aren't we glad we have free access to ETERNAL LIFE? Ask me, or come to the event (see 2 blog entries below) to find out more.

He will be found

When at a loss, seek for an answer... Search in the right places, ask the right people, make the right decision... then i'll be able to find out what to do right? Sigh. I'm torn. I know i did the right thing... But what's the next step? I'm holding on Lord, holding on...

"For i know the plans i have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and i will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you," declares the Lord Jeremiah 29:11-14

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why God?

Thanks Jia En & Mingmin for helping with this marvellous video! + Russell for the postcards as well!!! :)

Enjoy.. And YOU are invited to our Young People's Ministry (YPM) event on the
17th Nov (Sat), 5:00-7:30pm Church of Singapore (COS), Marine Parade.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My time!

Came in number 2102
Official chip time: 01:18:44.44

Very slow... but still... GRINS.

(p.s. Fastest time is 00:33:44.44, clocked by Leah Malot of Kenya.)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


YEAH. Great Eastern 10km run! I met my goal for the race. 10km without stopping! The website says my timing will be out within 48 hours! :)

I think i only managed to do it cos i was running with Serene. On my own, i would have given up before the halfway mark. I just can't run alone... Not enough willpower. Serene! Thanks alot! I had fun running with you even though we don't talk much during the run. haha. It's more like the moral support we give each other ya? Hope your ankle is not too badly hurt... No sports for you for like 1 month hor! No netball, or tennis, or jogging. Only swimming is allowed. And pls go see a doc. Get your x-ray done...

I was so pleased that the race was brilliantly organised. We could collect our race packs before the big day itself. So there wasn't a mad rush after the race to collect the goodies, especially when slower runners like us would usually end up with the leftover L and XL sized shirts. Alot of good advertising for adiadas, women's mags, skincare, cervical cancer awareness, etc. Humourous MCs, music that pumped us up before the race, well marked out race route, efficient baggage deposit and collection, and ICE COLD GATORADE after the race!!! Really good stuff.

For all you sports maniacs out there... (yes. you know who you are. those of you whose got some part of your body spoilt) pls take care of yourself. Push yourself yes. But if you're getting worn out, or injured, go see a doc or do necessary treatment before it's too late, if not you gotta recuperate for a much longer time and miss playing your sport for an even longer time! You're shortchanging yourself!!! I remember getting shin splint when i was still training for canoeing last time. Horrible experience. My stamina dropped like mad, and i could only watch my teammates train. Totally not worth it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Still nothing so far... Sigh. It's really that hard huh. I guess I know how it can feel. But I'm quite sure it's different altogether. What's going on? I really wanna know...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I Finished an additional half basket!! (Including the daily 1 that i aim to finish everyday) I'm so happy today. Oh? What basket? haha. My work can be summarised by how many baskets i have. When we open the LOAD of mail everyday, i get my big stack of work in a basket. And i have 5 days to process most of the stuff. So if i have 5 baskets with me, that means... die die must OT. haha. At first, i could copy and paste alot of stuff into the system when i do my work, so i could keep it at at most 2 baskets. But when they changed my com (for some lame reason), i couldn't copy and paste anymore! The words would just be pasted all over the place. Irritating. So i gotta type almost everything from scratch. So far, i have only been able to keep it at an avg of 3 baskets... But today, I'm glad to announce that i have only 1 and a half! (1 will always be there, cos we open the mail at the end of the day) Haha... I shall go bia more tmr. So happpppy.

A great chat with J made me wanna eat all the food i can still get here in s'pore, very cheaply and abundantly, before i leave. (See what an influential person you are) So, I ate char kway teow for lunch and queued for Aston's for dinner!!! :) Haha. The kway teow was super oily la. My stomach couldn't really handle it. But when you take your mind off the oil, it actually tastes quite good! I like it sweet and just abit wet. With some gravy. MmmMMmm. Ha. Still wanna eat your version of it though. I think home cooked will always have a different feel. :)

Hey _____! ______ __________! Thank you for such wonderful company at dinner tonight! It is good to eat with someone who eats at the same speed as me. Not many ppl can appreciate and enjoy that! And.. erm. too bad that it had to end with a blinding flash on the way home. haha. *shhh* they won't find out!

Anyway, Deepavali's Coming! HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY... I AM SOOOOO HAPPY. no work. haha... :) i have no more leave left to take. i need more hols to tofu...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


After soooooo long, i finally got down to it.

It seems like the shortest. But it took alot of courage. And i'm sincere...

Looking forward to something... hoping... anything...

"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is taking action in the face of fear."


ARGH!!!! COCKROACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inner/outer beauty

Somehow, i miss school and its uniforms. You don't have to decide what to wear or how to match your clothes properly early in the morning. Being sleepy but still gotta be alert to pick out the right clothes so that you won't commit a fashion faux pas (this means a horrible mismatch of clothes right?) It's just washed or unwashed. Haha. I keep feeling the need to go shop. Even though i'm supposed to be on a budget.

Anyway, sleepiness is not good when you gotta rush to work. I accidentally flung my phone onto concrete floor when i was walking to the mrt! ARGH! There's a HUGE DENT! SNIFF. Shared my sorrows to some ppl. Two replies to my sms caught my attention. Wai Cheng cried with me. And Jabez told me that inner beauty is more impt than outer beauty. Haha. So touched by my cell grp mates. :) I gotta learn from them. Simple but meaningful words... I don't think i really know how to cry with others yet though i try my very best to be understanding. And as for Jabez... wow. I'm impressed. Haha. You make sense SOMEtimes!!!

Hmm.. Inner beauty.. It's more than just the clothes! And my eye circles which are now haunting me and can only be concealed under my spectacles.. (Latest wish list: ZA Eye Mask) Yesterday Yeening was telling me about the Dove "Campaign for real beauty" talk that she attended in school. Seems really interesting. So true right? HA. Man looks at the outward appearance (but God looks at the heart!) And i felt.. ya. gotta keep building up my inner self! (Must keep reading. must keep reading.) I have concluded this morning.. that being such a "feeling" and not "thinking" person might not be so bad after all. (I'm sure many remember that i scored a zero for thinking in my MBTI personality test the 1st time i took it. I was a total feeling sorta person) Sometimes, when you think too much, it might be really logical but it still might not be the right thing to do right? Not everything is logical lehh. That's just what i feel la. haha. Wanna be proud of how i am, and put my personality to great things! :) (although i FEEL very thankful for da bro who does the thinking part for me.. Ha. and many times get so frustrated when i'm trying to tell him how i feel, when he's trying to interpret what i think, esp when it's illogical, and also when i sometimes take forever to understand his thinking cos i feel otherwise..)

Anyway, according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),

*I'm an ESFJ. Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging (preference for living a planned and organized life)

Order of preference: Feeling, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking (feeling first, thinking last! haA)

ESFJs are helpful, tactful, compassionate, and orderly. They pay close attention to each person's needs, desiring to please. And prefer practical material with known applications for learning style. (OH! haha. this is why i asked you the qn about sch being applicable leney! interesting...)

However, they may need to identify other interpretations and meanings and to logically and dispassionately analyze them for optimal results. HAHA. They say i should think more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A good day

Somehow i think i'm starting to realise why I'm working here... Feeling more content. Hope that i can contribute as much as i can!
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails" Prov 19:21

After work, Yee Ning "picked me up" to go visit Enos today. Ha. She came to meet me @ Singpost to go to the hosp together. Wah. What a popular guy. A whole bunch of ppl came to visit him. The room for 6 patients was overcrowded with CM ppl! We gave up trying to keep our volume down, and just went into the day room instead to hang out. Thank God you're feeling much better. Speedy recovery dude~ Everyone wishes you well. :)

Random thoughts:
*Gambate Yunz. We'll have our date another day. hah.

*Leney! Does NTU teach you practical stuff about accounting? Like how the knowledge is used in the real world? Today my mum was explaining to me about fixed assets and depreciation (remember what we learned in econs?). I finally see how the working world uses these information. Haha. In JC, it was just all theory to me.

*Next chapter in the book: I found out that i have a wandering mind. I need to focus... And as i tried doing this during work, it's weird how the word porridge flashed through my thoughs a few times. HAHA. I went to eat yummy duck porridge for lunch then. Try harder tmr!

*It's interesting to look back and see how tiny shawn has grown so much more mature and taller! I still remember when i first met you. Haha. It's nice seeing you around and chatting. I think you're really friendly and open. Nice. :)

*How does Wayne stay so fair? I'm jealous. I need sunblock to be able to do that.

*I have decided to study for the whole of January. Anyone care to join me? :)

*I wanna eat jap food. Haha. When, Aaron? When?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is from isaac low's blog. MUST watch! It's hilarious.


Be positive

In a more positive perspective, i just earned an additional $80+ just from yesterday and today!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Creation Conference!

I am a creationist! :)

The conference was really an eye-opener. Listened to really interesting stuff about geog, physics, biology, and reasoning to show that God really created the world. Can check out their website to read thousands of articles too. From scientists who see that God is more undeniable the more they research.

So much stuff covered.. but maybe i just share a few stuff that was really interesting? Ha. I'm sure bro, pammie, yunz, eefoo, daphne have loads to share too..

(About the big bang) A chemistry teaching a class about gases. "Now students, hydrogen is a gas, that when left long enough on its own, will turn into people!"

Dr Mary Schweitzer discovered fresh dinosaur tissue! Showing that dinosaurs are not as far back in history than they actually are!

Most of us eat lotsa of different food. Chinese esp, almost everything. But most of us agree that cannibalism is wrong. Even though there's no rule that says so. Why? Cos we are made in the image of God!

No matter what state of science and technology we're at, "We’re in the stone age compared to nature." says Dr Aizenberg. Because compared to our wonderful and all knowing creator who made the whole earth and the complexity of nature, we only can comprehend so little. And realise, that at best, one person can specialise in one or two fields?

Haha.. Of cos there's loads that i didn't understand cos they were just too cheem. Esp the physics parts. I couldn't absorb a thing. Ask the bro lo.

Battle in the mind

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23:7

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Ha. These are some of the verses that i read in the Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. BE POSITIVE! And i so wanted to put them into practice! Budden... i went to work on tues and it was just crazy. Ha... Don't even know how to describe. "Terrible terrible..." OT till 10, and the next day 9+ and had to miss blading... SO SAD. Keep letting down WeeYong. SO SORRY. Depressed.

Psalm 42 Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for i will yet praise him, my Saviour and my God. My soul is downcast within me; therefore i will remember you.

Haha. As they started to take over the world on friday, i had quite a fun time teaching this guy, though it was tiring. He asked alot of basic questions, like why should we do this or that. Which showed that he was really bothered about how things worked, not just going with the routines. It was quite interesting to interact with them. They're very gentle and polite people. And it's cute how they try to nod their head when they agree. But when they don't notice, they still shake their head in a figure of eight sometimes as they listen and understand. Oh well. I finished like 8 transactions that day instead of the 100 that i can do on good days. So maybe.. i'm depressed also cos i felt very unaccomplished in my work. But i guess the different kind of satisfaction you get from teaching someone and knowing that he's learnt something should offset that right?

Anyway. Here's some pictures that i would like to share... These made me very happy...
Haha. The one on the left with 5 dishes was $2.30 and the one on the right, with a big fish was $2.00 :)
Sniff. Thank you............. Don't even know how to thank you enough.
The 3 loving brothers. The oldest who kissed his youngest brother, squished his face, complained that he has swimming pool breath, and told his second brother about it. SO CUTE.
And this last picture. Can anyone guess what it is? My colleague gave us all one each. Something that cheered up my day at work a little!

Anyway, just wanna thank both of you for dragging me down to eat dinner even though i was so nua and wanted to anti-social at home... Ha... Dunno what's come into me... I enjoyed it the short time even though my quite sian and blur face looked like i was just lost in my own world. Haha.. Thanks...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy mel's day! :)

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me! HAPPy BiRthDAY to meeeEEeEee.... happie burfday to me!

YAYYYYYYYYYY! Ha. I'm so happy. It's been a fantastic weekend. Even though i was really stressed about some stuff... till i had to bug some ppl.. haha. Thanks for listening to me on the phone and email.. Anyway, i'm always like that la. easily stressed. Cos some things matter alot. haha.

Planned + prayed for outreach on sat, even though it was just 2 of us. Everyone's invited to the ypm office from 11am to 12pm k? :) We wanna petition!

Danielites and others sang THE song for me! And we dug in into a coffee cheesecake. Coool. Thanks for the pressies. Cute shirt and (i love skincare) bodyshop shower foam and coooookie mooonster. And most of all the prayers. haah. Interesting one eh siewho? haha.

On sunday Mingen, SiewHo, Guang, Pam and i ran!!! + Serene on the bike. Ha. I'm glad i put sunblock on my face. Phew.. Can imagine Running at 3pm in the scorching sun all the way to bedok jetty and back zapped the life out of me, fried my face and gave me a headache. With lousy stamina and not much determination, the only things that kept me going was.. mingen's crazy pace, nice guang and siewho waiting for me alot, and me wanting to get out of the sun and into the shade at Mac's. haha. YesH! So.. i must gambate! Cannot be demoralized and must try to run at least 10km without stopping the next time. haha. Great Eastern run is coming!!! DongGua! Have you trained???

Then at night, ha. I WAS HIGH. Cos we ate at this POWERFUL heng hwa restaurant near my place. Awwww... I tell you. It was so good, that i gave my compliments to the chef. (rare for a chinese restaurant huh~) The herbal bambooo prawns were so fresh and juicy and succulent. The sweet and sour pork with lychee blew my mind away. (My standards for sweet and sour pork very high one lo.) The kailan with beancurd was so sincere. Surprisingly, they cut this carrot into the shape of an M!!! HAHA. They knew i was coming to celebrate my birthday. (how do you actually make beancurd this good??? And.. the veggies were great. I learnt this from his maid. Must skin the stalks so that the veggies would be soft!) The mee sua was just the right texture and generous amount of ingredients. The fish was so big and fresh! And the dessert is simply refreshing. White fungus! One of my favs. Nice. Plus a giant fish tank just across to admire and relax. I think ppl like leney, rina, J, siew ho, doyle, aaron and he lu (haha. all have one thing in common) will go crazy over this kinda meal. Bro and i and everyone else must go together one day. HAHA. We went at 9pm+ though. Before that you prob gotta queue like forever.

MY DAY! Ha. Mum and i took leave. We just slacked. Didn't even shop lor. (frugal furgal frugal remember? from the millionaire next door book!) Not bad eh?
We read abit at TCC, drank this interesting rose juliet coffee. Very light and fragrant latte with rose syrup and a few rose petals! Lovely. Then we went for a massage. haah. All 3 of us including my dad. Took turns of cos. But wah, full body massage is just glorious. I found out that my neck is as stiff as a rock though. i must relax more! haha. Where got tense tofu one? (oh? alliteration! haha...) Then we ate at the Ice Monster! Mum chose the fresh durian and mangoes and mango sorbet dessert with ice shavings... Nice!

Then went home... to celebrate and cut mooncake! Giant ones baked by mum. haha. cos the mini cake we bought didn't have the need to cut. Yeah... (you ask why i didn't bake my own birthday cake? haha. lazy la. today is slack day...)

I am just gonna put on a face mask and go to sleep soon. Ha. Back to work tmr...

My privilege for today: I wish.... that relationships are restored and reconciliated. For everyone! Because it matters.