Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I Finished an additional half basket!! (Including the daily 1 that i aim to finish everyday) I'm so happy today. Oh? What basket? haha. My work can be summarised by how many baskets i have. When we open the LOAD of mail everyday, i get my big stack of work in a basket. And i have 5 days to process most of the stuff. So if i have 5 baskets with me, that means... die die must OT. haha. At first, i could copy and paste alot of stuff into the system when i do my work, so i could keep it at at most 2 baskets. But when they changed my com (for some lame reason), i couldn't copy and paste anymore! The words would just be pasted all over the place. Irritating. So i gotta type almost everything from scratch. So far, i have only been able to keep it at an avg of 3 baskets... But today, I'm glad to announce that i have only 1 and a half! (1 will always be there, cos we open the mail at the end of the day) Haha... I shall go bia more tmr. So happpppy.

A great chat with J made me wanna eat all the food i can still get here in s'pore, very cheaply and abundantly, before i leave. (See what an influential person you are) So, I ate char kway teow for lunch and queued for Aston's for dinner!!! :) Haha. The kway teow was super oily la. My stomach couldn't really handle it. But when you take your mind off the oil, it actually tastes quite good! I like it sweet and just abit wet. With some gravy. MmmMMmm. Ha. Still wanna eat your version of it though. I think home cooked will always have a different feel. :)

Hey _____! ______ __________! Thank you for such wonderful company at dinner tonight! It is good to eat with someone who eats at the same speed as me. Not many ppl can appreciate and enjoy that! And.. erm. too bad that it had to end with a blinding flash on the way home. haha. *shhh* they won't find out!

Anyway, Deepavali's Coming! HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY... I AM SOOOOO HAPPY. no work. haha... :) i have no more leave left to take. i need more hols to tofu...

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