Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy mel's day! :)

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me! HAPPy BiRthDAY to meeeEEeEee.... happie burfday to me!

YAYYYYYYYYYY! Ha. I'm so happy. It's been a fantastic weekend. Even though i was really stressed about some stuff... till i had to bug some ppl.. haha. Thanks for listening to me on the phone and email.. Anyway, i'm always like that la. easily stressed. Cos some things matter alot. haha.

Planned + prayed for outreach on sat, even though it was just 2 of us. Everyone's invited to the ypm office from 11am to 12pm k? :) We wanna petition!

Danielites and others sang THE song for me! And we dug in into a coffee cheesecake. Coool. Thanks for the pressies. Cute shirt and (i love skincare) bodyshop shower foam and coooookie mooonster. And most of all the prayers. haah. Interesting one eh siewho? haha.

On sunday Mingen, SiewHo, Guang, Pam and i ran!!! + Serene on the bike. Ha. I'm glad i put sunblock on my face. Phew.. Can imagine Running at 3pm in the scorching sun all the way to bedok jetty and back zapped the life out of me, fried my face and gave me a headache. With lousy stamina and not much determination, the only things that kept me going was.. mingen's crazy pace, nice guang and siewho waiting for me alot, and me wanting to get out of the sun and into the shade at Mac's. haha. YesH! So.. i must gambate! Cannot be demoralized and must try to run at least 10km without stopping the next time. haha. Great Eastern run is coming!!! DongGua! Have you trained???

Then at night, ha. I WAS HIGH. Cos we ate at this POWERFUL heng hwa restaurant near my place. Awwww... I tell you. It was so good, that i gave my compliments to the chef. (rare for a chinese restaurant huh~) The herbal bambooo prawns were so fresh and juicy and succulent. The sweet and sour pork with lychee blew my mind away. (My standards for sweet and sour pork very high one lo.) The kailan with beancurd was so sincere. Surprisingly, they cut this carrot into the shape of an M!!! HAHA. They knew i was coming to celebrate my birthday. (how do you actually make beancurd this good??? And.. the veggies were great. I learnt this from his maid. Must skin the stalks so that the veggies would be soft!) The mee sua was just the right texture and generous amount of ingredients. The fish was so big and fresh! And the dessert is simply refreshing. White fungus! One of my favs. Nice. Plus a giant fish tank just across to admire and relax. I think ppl like leney, rina, J, siew ho, doyle, aaron and he lu (haha. all have one thing in common) will go crazy over this kinda meal. Bro and i and everyone else must go together one day. HAHA. We went at 9pm+ though. Before that you prob gotta queue like forever.

MY DAY! Ha. Mum and i took leave. We just slacked. Didn't even shop lor. (frugal furgal frugal remember? from the millionaire next door book!) Not bad eh?
We read abit at TCC, drank this interesting rose juliet coffee. Very light and fragrant latte with rose syrup and a few rose petals! Lovely. Then we went for a massage. haah. All 3 of us including my dad. Took turns of cos. But wah, full body massage is just glorious. I found out that my neck is as stiff as a rock though. i must relax more! haha. Where got tense tofu one? (oh? alliteration! haha...) Then we ate at the Ice Monster! Mum chose the fresh durian and mangoes and mango sorbet dessert with ice shavings... Nice!

Then went home... to celebrate and cut mooncake! Giant ones baked by mum. haha. cos the mini cake we bought didn't have the need to cut. Yeah... (you ask why i didn't bake my own birthday cake? haha. lazy la. today is slack day...)

I am just gonna put on a face mask and go to sleep soon. Ha. Back to work tmr...

My privilege for today: I wish.... that relationships are restored and reconciliated. For everyone! Because it matters.

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