Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inner/outer beauty

Somehow, i miss school and its uniforms. You don't have to decide what to wear or how to match your clothes properly early in the morning. Being sleepy but still gotta be alert to pick out the right clothes so that you won't commit a fashion faux pas (this means a horrible mismatch of clothes right?) It's just washed or unwashed. Haha. I keep feeling the need to go shop. Even though i'm supposed to be on a budget.

Anyway, sleepiness is not good when you gotta rush to work. I accidentally flung my phone onto concrete floor when i was walking to the mrt! ARGH! There's a HUGE DENT! SNIFF. Shared my sorrows to some ppl. Two replies to my sms caught my attention. Wai Cheng cried with me. And Jabez told me that inner beauty is more impt than outer beauty. Haha. So touched by my cell grp mates. :) I gotta learn from them. Simple but meaningful words... I don't think i really know how to cry with others yet though i try my very best to be understanding. And as for Jabez... wow. I'm impressed. Haha. You make sense SOMEtimes!!!

Hmm.. Inner beauty.. It's more than just the clothes! And my eye circles which are now haunting me and can only be concealed under my spectacles.. (Latest wish list: ZA Eye Mask) Yesterday Yeening was telling me about the Dove "Campaign for real beauty" talk that she attended in school. Seems really interesting. So true right? HA. Man looks at the outward appearance (but God looks at the heart!) And i felt.. ya. gotta keep building up my inner self! (Must keep reading. must keep reading.) I have concluded this morning.. that being such a "feeling" and not "thinking" person might not be so bad after all. (I'm sure many remember that i scored a zero for thinking in my MBTI personality test the 1st time i took it. I was a total feeling sorta person) Sometimes, when you think too much, it might be really logical but it still might not be the right thing to do right? Not everything is logical lehh. That's just what i feel la. haha. Wanna be proud of how i am, and put my personality to great things! :) (although i FEEL very thankful for da bro who does the thinking part for me.. Ha. and many times get so frustrated when i'm trying to tell him how i feel, when he's trying to interpret what i think, esp when it's illogical, and also when i sometimes take forever to understand his thinking cos i feel otherwise..)

Anyway, according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),

*I'm an ESFJ. Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judging (preference for living a planned and organized life)

Order of preference: Feeling, Sensing, Intuition, Thinking (feeling first, thinking last! haA)

ESFJs are helpful, tactful, compassionate, and orderly. They pay close attention to each person's needs, desiring to please. And prefer practical material with known applications for learning style. (OH! haha. this is why i asked you the qn about sch being applicable leney! interesting...)

However, they may need to identify other interpretations and meanings and to logically and dispassionately analyze them for optimal results. HAHA. They say i should think more.

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