Sunday, October 7, 2007

Creation Conference!

I am a creationist! :)

The conference was really an eye-opener. Listened to really interesting stuff about geog, physics, biology, and reasoning to show that God really created the world. Can check out their website to read thousands of articles too. From scientists who see that God is more undeniable the more they research.

So much stuff covered.. but maybe i just share a few stuff that was really interesting? Ha. I'm sure bro, pammie, yunz, eefoo, daphne have loads to share too..

(About the big bang) A chemistry teaching a class about gases. "Now students, hydrogen is a gas, that when left long enough on its own, will turn into people!"

Dr Mary Schweitzer discovered fresh dinosaur tissue! Showing that dinosaurs are not as far back in history than they actually are!

Most of us eat lotsa of different food. Chinese esp, almost everything. But most of us agree that cannibalism is wrong. Even though there's no rule that says so. Why? Cos we are made in the image of God!

No matter what state of science and technology we're at, "We’re in the stone age compared to nature." says Dr Aizenberg. Because compared to our wonderful and all knowing creator who made the whole earth and the complexity of nature, we only can comprehend so little. And realise, that at best, one person can specialise in one or two fields?

Haha.. Of cos there's loads that i didn't understand cos they were just too cheem. Esp the physics parts. I couldn't absorb a thing. Ask the bro lo.

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