Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just a feeling

The feeling... is like...

when you are drenched and you are wearing wet squishy socks underneath your shoes
when you accidentally stepped on a flattened frog in the middle of the road
when you are starving and large plate of food you ordered tastes most inedible
when you try so hard, but you don't understand the book of Romans
when you have a piece of kangkong stuck in your bracers and you can't get it out with your tongue all day long
when you spot the nicest pair of shoes but realise that they will give you blisters
when you are constipated and stuck in the toilet for an hour
when you have diahorrea and you can't find a toilet
when you have a pimple when you are convinced you kept to your strictest skincare routine
when no matter how you control your diet, you still feel fat
when you don't have an appetite even though there's loads of good food in front of you
when you want to play soccer but your injury forces you to rest and recover
when you want to play tennis but the sunny weather suddenly changes into a thunderstorm
when it is raining outside and you have to wake up to go to school/work
when you are so expectant for a glamourous haircut, but the hairstylist made you look 10 times worse
when you didn't get enough sleep and you have to sit through a boring 2 hour lecture
when you see half a cockroach in your food
when you lose your internet connection for a month, or your handphone
when you think that no matter how hard you study, you'll still fail anyway
when your friend doesn't understand how good chocolate is for his soul

I'm not sure what else. I have very limited descriptive vocabulary. Maybe i'll add more later. Anyone wanna contribute? How would you describe this feeling, if you can guess the feeling i'm trying to portray?

<--From da babe for this feeling. I think the picture somewhat comforts me. Many laughs! Many thanks for all who are with me, not against me. It really matters...

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