Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gonna have fun preparing meals

I finished my exams... I finished my exams... I finished my exams!!!

And i'm having the time of my life now. Back out from the books and my room, to the people in the world outside. :)


But just one more day at home. Before i keep going out, and neglect slacking at home time. Wanna work on my latest quiet time query to God. :)

Betty's staying over at my place now. SO EXCITED. I can cook for her every night, not forgetting desserts of cos! Not going to chat much to her outside of mealtimes, cos i just want her to study for her papers on Tues and Thurs. She's been a real darling to me. A confidante, and a huge encouragement. She deserves to have unlimited talk time and free sms, cos she uses it well, to bless others. haha. Like how i've been richly blessed by her thru' the toughest of times.

She's sleeping in my living room now. Let her sleep early without much chatting/catching up (which we did quite alot during dinner actually, but there's so much more to say of cos), so that she can spend the whole of tmr studying. Which was her plan, and a wise one indeed. She hasn't STARTED STUDYING!!!

So since i can't chat with her now, i'll give chat about her here! haha. I'll miss Betty SO SO much. She's been a real joy to hang around with and go crazy with as a friend, to serve alongside in ministry like fully-armoured warriors for Christ, and to share burdens, blessings and passions with as Sisters-in-Christ.

The most obvious fruits of her ministry so far, is the large number of new members that OCF Flinders has this year. She really did a fantastic job for orientation. Leading the centre to reach out to many newbies on campus, and create awareness of OCF. So that even tho' we had abt 1/3 of an exodus last yr, we still increased in membership to about 34!!!

There's many other lives she's touched, intercession she's prayed, burdens she's borne, and struggles she's faced. And still, her life still shines ever so brightly for Christ. Great role model... :)

がんばって Betty! JIAYOU for exams!! Hope you enjoy the food, and have an enjoayable stay here. Gonna miss you when you're back in Melbourne...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1 more to go!

1st paper on Human Physio went all right! Praise God. I'm surprised i could remember stuff.. Not prepared enough compared to last semesters..

1 more to go! Biochemistry.. Bo-ring.. I'm trying to make studying this as fun as possible already. Have abt 1 more day to study!

Haven't gotten back my results for Jap and Introductory Exegesis. Wonder how i fared...

Meanwhile, i'm still eagerly desiring after the gift of healing.. and trying to put it into practice. Figuring, sorting, using, praying... :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


My emotions run wilder than when i saw our handsome Renal Prof. Haha.

It's been SO long! Why why why?

My sista

15min gang membership is up to 5 now!!! Newest member, LI ENG!!!

My family is expanding... Somehow, i'm starting to get an idea of how this 'fictive kinship' (term coined by theologists) works. Perhaps it's not so fictive after all. Just a glimpse into eternity? Are we actually living it right now? Nahh. We're far from it. What can i do to change this?

Li Eng from UniSA, my Edge church buddy just accepted CHRIST!!! WOOOOOOO. Super happy. This is like the 2nd person that i'm close to, who accepted Christ this semester. Omgomg. It's brilliant to see the fruits of sowing and planting... The Spirit has worked, and we can continue doing the good work of his ministry. OCF! Even for all the stress that we've been thru. Salvation of souls makes it all worth it.

Meanwhile, i will try my bestest to disciple Chin Chin, our new sister in Christ from OCF Flinders! Aunt M says that you should continue investing until you see the person become a disciple maker herself. That's what i'm gonna try... So far, the few sessions have been short, but fab! Miss the sessions i had with Serene. haha.

I wonder what will happen next season. But first, selection of the committee.

Big decision for me again...................... What will it be? Tell me, Lord.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The reason behind sniff

I am trying to figure out why i stopped going on MSN for a long time... I have many reasons... but i'm starting to remember why again.

Why was i scared for such a long time to come online you ask?

Perhaps the main one was:
It's like a roller coaster of emotions from every msn conversation.
And i hope to listen/help/celebrate/cry/laugh/whine/joke/kick/plan/encourage/correct... for/with/to/at everyone.

How is that even possible?

Ha. This wonderful world of MSN. Will i ever be run away from it again? Perhaps.

Meanwhile.. GO study la Mel.

Monday, June 15, 2009

muggers unite

The beginning of Mugging week! It will go very well. I actually feel relieved that i can just stay home all day and study.. Perhaps by the end, i'll go abit mad.. but it's going well so far.

Must do well for exams... GAMBATE.

Brother is in San Francisco now. Praise God for the safe trip there. Hope he has the time of his life!!! I get a 4 yr holiday, he deserves an explosive experience too!

Back on MSN! :)

And my dark eye circles are disappearing.. Phew. Masks and sleep and just less stress.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am very sad.

Finished my 2500 word exegesis on the Parable of the Sower, but it required so much explanation that i don't like the parable anymore. Wonder how i will score?

Tried uploading the muffins performance on youtube at home, but the internet connection is so lousy it keeps getting cut off halfway.

Haven't run in like.. 1+ month now... too cold... and lazy too. Must start after exams.

Exams are in less than 2 weeks time and i'm no where near prepared. By this time last yr for both semesters, i already finished like 1-2 rounds of revision. :(


*sniff* cannot fail these 2 core topics... exams are 50% and 60%, and they're so heavy on content!

The cold cold winter doesn't help me in my mood. *blehh*

But... at least i still have MasterChef on TV and Restaurant City on facebook that keeps me a little bit happier. Julie and Poh are still in the competition!!! Grins. Do check out the website everyone! You can even watch it online. So just whack~