Thursday, February 25, 2010

New found land

There is a new brown land.
But peace talks have begun. No signs of invasion or war.

Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone. Proverbs 26:15.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Safely back

I am safe!

I had a wonky remote. And had to play IQ games to decide how to choose what i needed to. In the end, the most my controls could do was watch 1 movie. I couldn't select the others at all. Irritating. haha. But at least i could watch one. It's better than the time my in-flight entertainment spoilt. And Amelia Earheart kinda spoke to me in the simplest of ways.

But... to make up for that, i saw a whole sky of stars and 2 shooting stars! That was an amazing sight, in spite of the lack of sleep and feeling sick from turbulence and not being able to eat dinner.

Much thanks to Norman who helped me so much on day 1. From a lift from the airport to marketing and cleaning... Very very grateful...

Lots more to say, but after unpacking so much and already doing too many things on the 1st 2 days... i just need to sleep. Already more meetings, and planning, and welcoming to do.

WOOOOT. I'm pumped and glad to be back!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Bakwa!

It is CNY day 1.
And already it hits me that i'm not going to be around next CNY. Haha... Aiyo. In a good way, I blame OCF for making me think so clearly way in advance. It's too powerful training for my frontal lobes (part of brain that controls planning for the future).. besides the fact of cos, that that part also matures in the early 20s. haha.
Still... super emo. *sniff* I'm already feeling a part of what i'll feel next year during CNY.

That's why this CNY means particularly much to me. And i'm making more effort to talk to aunties, uncles, cousins and my tiny nieces and nephews more! Even though i'm not at all close to alot of them... haha. But i really wanna love them more. We are family no matter what happens!

And, i had a new revelation.
DELICIOUS Mutton Satay is seriously the NEW bakwa... I ate 6 sticks before i had to give up because it was too 'je-lat'.
Absolutely awesome.

Lovey dovey in the midst of crankiness

Either we ate too much at the Indian restaurant... which shouldn't be the case, because altho' i was stuffed, it was only my 2nd meal of the day, and we walked around Mustafa for like 2 hours after. So everything should have been digested.

Or, God was excited about everything i told him in the steam room. Heh. Makes you curious and wanna know what secrets i told him right? :p

I think it's the latter, because i couldn't sleep the whole night. God kept talking and talking and talking, and wouldn't let me sleep properly.

Aiyooo. Very spontaneous ah God? And you know i become SO cranky when i don't get my beauty rest. Seemed like you just wanted to have a late night chat, as though you were staying overnight and sharing my bed. Telling me so much secrets till i had to force myself to get up, and scribble everything you said. But even though i wanted to sleep, i still wanted to listen more!!! You never answered some of my questions though, and i was left to keep asking. Frustratingggg! Haha. And you keep changing topic. Lols. Just like me when i try to avoid answering... So secretive ah! Nvm, i'm quite sure you will tell me somehow, sometime later. Maybe when you next are in the mood, or when the information is critical.

Anyway, i woke up grumbling to God how tired i was. But decided today was serve my mum day. So no matter what she requested about household stuff or running errands, i'll just do it, happily and willingly. I won't get to spend CNY here next year. Was a tough struggle though. Just wanted to be grouchy and go back to bed. I tahan-ed from 9ish am to about 4ish pm, was utterly drained, CMI, and then napped, b4 reunion dinner.

Interestingly enough, last night's QT (it's the Corinthians season currently) was on 1Cor13. I was trying to memorise, analyse and challenge myself. For myself, my family, my friends, and my future husband (which the application already starts from friends now). And i think, i'll be on this passage for a few more nights. Cos i'm still not too good. Esp with family members... I still have so much to work on! Our whole family does i think. hahaha.

Just for the record, 1 person i respect alot about trying very hard to honour his parents is J. I'm inspired. Thanks for that.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is notrude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (vs 4-8a)

Maybe serve my mum day was a good decision that overflowed out of QT in the midst of crankiness.

Oh wells. In the mood for Valentines Day actually, but i'm single. Awwwww. Yet, i guess i'm supposed to be already complete without a guy anyway. Just that if i'm the right helper for him, the formula works as this: 1+1 > 2.
I'm taking my time to become the right one, and find who i'm supposed be a helper to. Although selfishly, i'm being very very picky and trying to choose only the best one for me too haha.

But it doesn't matter! I still wanna wish everyone....
HAPPY SINGLES DAY!!! YAY! :) We singles have tons of privileges. Yeahhhhh~ Enjoy it while it lasts... :)
And to all couples out there, 1Cor13 yo~.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

捞鱼生 ritual

I learnt through OCF the true importance of passing on of generations... And decided, i will really put it into practice in the things i do.

CNY for instance.
Somehow, i think alot of the CNY spirit is already lost. That's so sad...
I decided to do abit of research and find out what originally needs to be said when the
捞鱼生 dish is prepared. Cos our family is in charge of the dish every year anyway. :)

This is the best i could find... Come on everyone, let's say it together, when we add these ingredients to the plate!!!

酸甘 :祝大家 大吉大利大丰收
胡椒粉+ 五香粉(青红) :双喜临门福安康
三文鱼 :年年有余庆团圆
生油 :生意兴隆通四海
鲍翅 :包罗万有万事兴
鱼子 :爆竹一响迎新春
酸梅酱 :甜甜蜜蜜合家欢
薄脆 :满地黄金添富贵

Shucks. I'm still missing the phrases for so many ingredients! Someone help me out here? There's still white radish, carrot, ginger, chinese parsley, peanuts, sesame seeds, chili... that are impt!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Love the steam room~

Guy pal brought me into his gym as a visitor. So i have a free 7 day pass!
Tmr's the 3rd day, and i would have gone in 3 times.

1st day was a tour, plus a detailed body analysis. I like what i see about my height, weight, fluids, muscle mass, fat content, and fitness score. They are all very good scores. *grins* So what if i'm not as skinny as the average Singaporean girl?
And i ran, and did some toning. Quite sensitive to my body, so I feel the difference already.

2nd day, I went for a class. Which was great to stretch and increase my flexibility and balance. Miss the days of taekwondo or dancing lindy hop. Which i felt so much more flexible, and did more crazy body stuff then.
Staying in the sauna and steam room after, for a long time really made me feel so so so so so good. Love it. Told God many secrets in there too. :p

Tmr... i think i'll stick to a simple routine i think. Then go to the steam room again. :)

Still, there's no way i'll sign up for a gym membership. It's uber expensive, and i'm near broke. Shucks. haha.

I just hope i stay fit and healthy, esp b4 flying back down under. Cannot disturb the balance of great food, and health!


I have found the

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................ :)

It was uber cheap. And we were so stuffed by the end of it.
Because the rice, 2 types of authentic curries and 3 types of delightful indian veggies were free flow!!! with 1 perfect papadum.
The lassi was like less than half the price of usual indian places.
Everything was served on a banana leaf!
Free flow water in classic metal indian jugs and cups.
The masala dosai tasted FANTASTIC. It was spiced perfectly and was so fresh!
The service was friendly, relevant and very very fast.

And i'm not going to blog the name or the address. hahahahahahahah.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Time passes by in a flurry.

I'm comfortable, and then i'm thrown into yet another environment again. Arghh.
Somehow, i remember that the world is my tent anyway. I'm not supposed to be that comfortable isn't it? Just enjoy it to the fullest, and do what i need to do. :)

In the mood of double-mindedness now. haha. Yes and no, staying and leaving, cooking and eating out, working and playing, talking and remaining silent... I think i don't really know what i want... because it's so confusing.

I'm a mystery.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Forget not all thy history makers... of the Singapore Experience for Annemarie!

Dad, Mum, Bro, Aravin, Chuan Zhi, Adelyn, Rachel, Han Ee, Lydea, Samantha, Anna, Joshua, Elaine, Grace, Yan Yin, Joel, Samuel, Kimberly, Kellen, Jeriel, Michelle...

Transporters, Food-makers, Mobile phone providers, Singapore-contributors and whoever else we missed out...

We will meet at the next reunion, all! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Singapore Experience for Annemarie

Itinery from 4th to 8th February!

*Straight to the lagoon at East Coast for a Satay snack

*Braised Duck Noodles, along with complimentary Coffeeshop (Coffee and Tea) Language Education
*Visits to the Indian and Chinese Temples, C.H.I.J.M.E.S, St Andrew's Cathedral, Church of the Good Shepherd
*Appreciations of the City Hall, Parliament House, Courts, War Memorials, with spontaneous historical background included
*Flowers admiring session at Bugis with Bitter Cooling Herbal Tea and sweet Chrysanthemum Tea Refreshments
*Best egg tarts and barbequed pork pastry
*Chinatown tour of shops and ornaments, followed by food section with Annie's hands and mouth both full of Chinese New Year goodies samples!!! (Pineapple tarts, almond and peanut cookies, Taiwan jellies, preserved apricots, pumpkin seed crackers, marinated pork slices a.k.a. bakwa, fresh coconut juice, etc)
*Geylang Beef Noodles and Frog Leg's Porridge for mains, Durian and Mangosteens for desserts

*Brunch at local indian stall - Cheese and Mushroom Prata, Kosong Prata, Plaster Prata, Egg Omelette, Teh Tarik!
*Singapore Arts Museum Tour, featuring a lovely scent exhibition (my personal favourite!), and lotsa Philippines and Thai artwork, some Singaporean paintings too.
*Orchard Road Galore!!!
*Our famous Pork Floss Bun from Bread Talk. Oh yes. Had to pay a tribute to this each time i came back. It's a sequal to Annie's taste of the bakwa.
*Lunch at the best food court in Singapore Food Republic - Fried Prawn Noodles a.k.a Hokkien Mee, Sliced Fish Soup, Pad Thai and Lemongrass Juice a.k.a. (well at least this is what i call it) Fruit Loops Drink
*Instead of drinking coffee, we went to Plaza Singapura for an Arcade Challenge! Bishi Bashi (Go crazy and whack and laugh game) and Mario Kart! WOOOOT! More than enough energy after.
*IDP post departure Seminar Gathering for new SA students, at Just Acia at Dhoby Xchange at Dhoby MRT. Ministry timeeee. :)
*Fitness corner and playground at my house area... Power walk! and on the foot massage stone circle too. Ouchh. Our blood circulation is still not the best eh? Heh.

*Brunch at my Jalan Beseh Hawker centre! The best chinese meesiam in Singapore. Cos it's my godma's shop! YUM. And fried economy beehoon noodles, kaya and butter toast with half boiled eggs, and complimentary sugar cane juice and cut fruits from my godma... *touched*
*Sentosa Beach! The Luge, 4D cinematics, Fort Siloso, Images of Singapore. but not enough time for the beachhh.... :(
*Romantic C.H.I.J.M.E.S dinner experience... Love it. :) Walked to Clarke Quay and saw people getting tortured at the extreme bungee experience, and absorbed the breathtaking and 'makes you wanna dance' atmosphere at the pubbing scene.

*Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre - The best fried carrot cake in S'pore, Chicken Rice, Curry Noodles, Chee Kweh, Red bean with ice shavings and syrup a.k.a ice kachang, lychee drink, dried longan drink, grass jelly drink, and soya bean milk
*East Coast Beach where we cycled and bladed and got really tired... With aching butts too. haha. But i think we burned off like just one meals worth of calories. Considering the stuff we've been eating at every meal... hahah.
*Big Fire Cooked Meal a.k.a. Tze Char! At my family's favourite place. Hahah. Not telling you where. I'll keep it to myself. :) Annie knows where... Chili crab, Oatmeal Prawns, Hotplate Tofu, Sweet and sour pork, veggies and rice. Oh! They gave us free thai sweet corn and coconut dessert too. Since we already know them so well... :)
*Mustafa Centre walk of awe.

*8:30am Church of Singapore (Marine Parade) Service. Great msg. Struck me real hard... Gave me inspiration for my own walk, and also KAIROS planning for OCF.
*Katong Laksa, Minced Fish Paste in Banana Leaf a.k.a Otak otak, and Mix of stuff in shrimp paste a.k.a. rojak. Finally presented to her!
*AIRSHOW! Hotttttt and we tried our best to be excited. hahah. Singapore's booth was awesome. They even put in a Butterfly garden there where we could take pictures with Smithalings (butterfly in German)
*Aravin's Aunt's place for dinner. New experience eating with hands, and having never-ending food on the plate. Learn swear words in both Tamil and German? hAHaahha.

*Another can't have enough of prata and Teh Tarik time
*Another can't have enough of Sentosa time
*Last local food banquet at Simpang Bedok - Nasi ayam goreng, cockles a.k.a lala (not Ah-Bengs/Lians!), sambal kangkong, oyster omelette, sambal stingray, milo dinosaur, holicks etc.
*Byebye........ sniffs and lotsa hugs and kisses*

(For everyone else who might be tour guides to friends next time, or who are considering coming down to Singapore for a good time)
*Places we passed by and saw: Esplanade, Vivocity at Habourfront,
*Places we didn't get to see: Science Centre, Bird Park, Zoo, Night Safari, Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, Botanical Gardens, Tree-top Walk, Macritchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Hike, Perenakan Museum, Marina Barrage, Kranji War Memorial
*More food glorious food: Bedok Blk 85, Rochor Beancurd, Changi Village, Golden Mile Complex or Centre, Kuishinbo, Ang Mo Kio Central, Tiong Bahru Market, Long Beach or Turf City for Seafood, More indian at Little India

Till next time Annie! I really loved every bit of the time with ya. Glad I could have you over at my place! Will miss ya lots. Germany the next time!!! :)

Hope you run into your families arms (don't slip on the ice) and have a whole round more of yummy home food with the best times home yet again. Send my regards to your family! Esp your dad who called me... hahaha. Oh! And Happy Singles Day/Chinese New Year/Birthday to everyone else!

がんばって ください!

No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blade fever

I managed to blade at cycling speed today, for a long long long distance. From ECP Mac's to after Safra Resort, and back! WOOOT! :)

And.. i was a little healthier. Ate 2 apples. haha. Hopefully i got rid of some cholesterol! Super must detox after this week...

Sleeeeepy. 8:30am church tmr!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Theory abt eating places

Did i mention that C.H.I.J.M.E.S. is one of the most romantic eating places that i know of?
Absolutely love tealights at the tables... and more lights hung up all over the place.

A pleasure to bring Annie there!

And since i said the place, won't comment on the awesome food that we had. haha. Just one of my theories in life. If you know of a good eating place, tell it to your good friends only. If not, if you blog about it online, everyone will know about it, and then it'll be either 1. Too crowded. 2. Start getting so much profits that it'll open branches and the quality or quantity will drop. or 3. It's won't be so special to me anymore...

Of cos, it only works if only i use this theory and everyone else continue to tell me whether other places i never knew about have good food or not. HAha. So perhaps, i just have to make many good friends.

Altho' there are exceptions. For instance. My cousin's Peranakan restaurant will be opening real sooooooon. IT WILL BE THE BEST. Seriously.

I'm not fussy about what i eat. But i have high expectations... Not being biased here. It WILL be the best. haha. Looking forward to it! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


Can't help remember my phrase that i often use:
'It will come around one day!' (used when i wanna get away with blessing someone and not wanting to take anything back in return).

I was blessed by Kenneth who put me up and brought me and Sammie around Hong Kong and Macau for 8 days!!!

I was blessed by Samuel Yim and Arthur Foo who put a bunch of us up too after Convy, and just kept planning and planning, calling and messenging, driving fiercely (meaning:fast, with great skill and fearlessly. haha) around M'sia and constantly asking more friends down to accompany us...

My turn now to bless! If i can't give Annie a balanced diet, at least i aim for 7-8hours sleep everyday. Haha. We have SO LITTLE fibre, veggies and fruits these few days la. Aiyo. Hope her complexion is not too affected. At least i didn't overstuff her with yummy food today.

Well done me. :) lols.

*Note to self: Please remember to praise or thank ppl in front of everyone they've served. And not just say it when the person's no longer around... He/She doesnt get so much honour then.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Annie my dear... 1st day!

It is amazing how the perfect model works. I saw it in action today...

My parents and brother graciously opens the house. My dad, of course, gives her the important story-tellings.

Chuan Zhi is our AMAZING driver + tour guide. Seriously, he knows the history of our buildings and roads like the back of his hand. He was quicker than textbooks, and more passionate than one who's being paid. Totally admire his knowledge in culture and countries, and appropriate sensitivity that comes along with that knowledge too. *respect*

Rachel is our itinery informer. She tells all our OCF friends, who know Annie, our confirmed programs and whereabouts so they can join us anytime, anywhere.

Adelyn brings the soft spot to the group. She balances us out all very nicely. And, she helped me bargain for our durians... Well done girl. :)

Aravin is the fun guy. He's a natural at making Annie laugh, and you can tell the genuine care and concern as a friend. Good stuff.

I just need to do the other tiny things. (And i get to learn cool German words.)

Annie gets the luvvvvv.


The model of how every part of the body works together. Every part is honoured, all shall rejoice! :)