Friday, February 12, 2010


I have found the

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........................ :)

It was uber cheap. And we were so stuffed by the end of it.
Because the rice, 2 types of authentic curries and 3 types of delightful indian veggies were free flow!!! with 1 perfect papadum.
The lassi was like less than half the price of usual indian places.
Everything was served on a banana leaf!
Free flow water in classic metal indian jugs and cups.
The masala dosai tasted FANTASTIC. It was spiced perfectly and was so fresh!
The service was friendly, relevant and very very fast.

And i'm not going to blog the name or the address. hahahahahahahah.

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ms potato said...

HI MELL! i suddenly thot of u and go to your blog. where are u now?? in aussie still? pls tell me the name of the indian restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loves, leilei