Saturday, February 13, 2010

捞鱼生 ritual

I learnt through OCF the true importance of passing on of generations... And decided, i will really put it into practice in the things i do.

CNY for instance.
Somehow, i think alot of the CNY spirit is already lost. That's so sad...
I decided to do abit of research and find out what originally needs to be said when the
捞鱼生 dish is prepared. Cos our family is in charge of the dish every year anyway. :)

This is the best i could find... Come on everyone, let's say it together, when we add these ingredients to the plate!!!

酸甘 :祝大家 大吉大利大丰收
胡椒粉+ 五香粉(青红) :双喜临门福安康
三文鱼 :年年有余庆团圆
生油 :生意兴隆通四海
鲍翅 :包罗万有万事兴
鱼子 :爆竹一响迎新春
酸梅酱 :甜甜蜜蜜合家欢
薄脆 :满地黄金添富贵

Shucks. I'm still missing the phrases for so many ingredients! Someone help me out here? There's still white radish, carrot, ginger, chinese parsley, peanuts, sesame seeds, chili... that are impt!

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