Friday, February 12, 2010

Love the steam room~

Guy pal brought me into his gym as a visitor. So i have a free 7 day pass!
Tmr's the 3rd day, and i would have gone in 3 times.

1st day was a tour, plus a detailed body analysis. I like what i see about my height, weight, fluids, muscle mass, fat content, and fitness score. They are all very good scores. *grins* So what if i'm not as skinny as the average Singaporean girl?
And i ran, and did some toning. Quite sensitive to my body, so I feel the difference already.

2nd day, I went for a class. Which was great to stretch and increase my flexibility and balance. Miss the days of taekwondo or dancing lindy hop. Which i felt so much more flexible, and did more crazy body stuff then.
Staying in the sauna and steam room after, for a long time really made me feel so so so so so good. Love it. Told God many secrets in there too. :p

Tmr... i think i'll stick to a simple routine i think. Then go to the steam room again. :)

Still, there's no way i'll sign up for a gym membership. It's uber expensive, and i'm near broke. Shucks. haha.

I just hope i stay fit and healthy, esp b4 flying back down under. Cannot disturb the balance of great food, and health!

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