Saturday, February 20, 2010

Safely back

I am safe!

I had a wonky remote. And had to play IQ games to decide how to choose what i needed to. In the end, the most my controls could do was watch 1 movie. I couldn't select the others at all. Irritating. haha. But at least i could watch one. It's better than the time my in-flight entertainment spoilt. And Amelia Earheart kinda spoke to me in the simplest of ways.

But... to make up for that, i saw a whole sky of stars and 2 shooting stars! That was an amazing sight, in spite of the lack of sleep and feeling sick from turbulence and not being able to eat dinner.

Much thanks to Norman who helped me so much on day 1. From a lift from the airport to marketing and cleaning... Very very grateful...

Lots more to say, but after unpacking so much and already doing too many things on the 1st 2 days... i just need to sleep. Already more meetings, and planning, and welcoming to do.

WOOOOT. I'm pumped and glad to be back!

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