Thursday, February 4, 2010

Annie my dear... 1st day!

It is amazing how the perfect model works. I saw it in action today...

My parents and brother graciously opens the house. My dad, of course, gives her the important story-tellings.

Chuan Zhi is our AMAZING driver + tour guide. Seriously, he knows the history of our buildings and roads like the back of his hand. He was quicker than textbooks, and more passionate than one who's being paid. Totally admire his knowledge in culture and countries, and appropriate sensitivity that comes along with that knowledge too. *respect*

Rachel is our itinery informer. She tells all our OCF friends, who know Annie, our confirmed programs and whereabouts so they can join us anytime, anywhere.

Adelyn brings the soft spot to the group. She balances us out all very nicely. And, she helped me bargain for our durians... Well done girl. :)

Aravin is the fun guy. He's a natural at making Annie laugh, and you can tell the genuine care and concern as a friend. Good stuff.

I just need to do the other tiny things. (And i get to learn cool German words.)

Annie gets the luvvvvv.


The model of how every part of the body works together. Every part is honoured, all shall rejoice! :)

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