Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Bakwa!

It is CNY day 1.
And already it hits me that i'm not going to be around next CNY. Haha... Aiyo. In a good way, I blame OCF for making me think so clearly way in advance. It's too powerful training for my frontal lobes (part of brain that controls planning for the future).. besides the fact of cos, that that part also matures in the early 20s. haha.
Still... super emo. *sniff* I'm already feeling a part of what i'll feel next year during CNY.

That's why this CNY means particularly much to me. And i'm making more effort to talk to aunties, uncles, cousins and my tiny nieces and nephews more! Even though i'm not at all close to alot of them... haha. But i really wanna love them more. We are family no matter what happens!

And, i had a new revelation.
DELICIOUS Mutton Satay is seriously the NEW bakwa... I ate 6 sticks before i had to give up because it was too 'je-lat'.
Absolutely awesome.

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