Monday, November 26, 2007

Quote for radiance: "Use SKII. Seek the King twice as much."

Finally could do some shopping with my mama yesterday! We ended up buying alot of face / eye masks. Haha. Putting on masks is a good time to reflect, become more radiant and for me, listen to audio sermons. :)

In the midst of using my skincare products to indulge my complexion, I have stumbled upon a new technique! Facial yoga! Ha.. It claims that making different funny faces takes years off yr face instead of adding wrinkles and laugh lines! Interesting. I wonder if it works... We should all start making funny faces at each other. 'Facercise' can be the new exercise...

Facial Yoga

What makes us Moral

Very interesting Time Magazine article...

The fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

What makes us Moral?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love my handphone.......

On wed, I was changing to blading attire after work in the office toilet and i left my handphone there!!! Gosh. I only found out after i reached church and got my colleague to help me check if it was still there. By then, it was nowhere to be found. Someone had taken it... SIGH. I was so depressed... I really love my Sony Ericsson W880i. It's the best phone that I've ever owned. (2nd to that would be the Nokia 8210. )

Thurs, Mum told me to stick a note in the toilet telling ppl to call my office number if they found it. Even though I didn't leave my name, the office secretary knew it was my number and she offered to help me email the whole department my name and hp model, telling them to return it if they were holding on to it. I picked up every phone call within a ring, hoping that that it would be the kind soul who wanted to return me my phone! but noooooooooo........ nothing for the whole day. SIGH. I just kept praying and praying.. That the Lord would lemmehaveitback..... Ha. Mum prayed even more than me i think. She even prayed that the person would be so guilty till he/she couldn't sleep at night and would have no choice but to return it just to relief her guilt. What honesty. I didn't even dare pray that.

Fri, we were hoping that i'll see it on my table first thing in the morning! My expectations were raised so high! But it was dashed when i saw that my table was as empty as i left it last evening... Boohoo. I started to make plans to go to bugis after work to get a 2nd hand 8210, if it is still possible to get it... So so sad. Started whining to God in the morning. About how careless i was, about how i'm sure he's able to do all things (including getting that person to return my hp), about how if i had delighted in him, then surely he would grant me the desires of my heart? Haha.. Dunno if it's outta context. BUT GUESS WHAT? When i returned from lunch, i saw my handphone on my table! I wasn't even expecting to see it anymore. It was gleaming, even shining on the bare table. I was stunned for a while.. till i could gather my thoughts again and approached the table slowly, not believing what i saw. I picked it up, tilted it to the bottom right.. and there it was glaring at me. A dent. MY PHONE!!!!!!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... I was jumping and screaming to my colleagues, who were totally amazed at what happened! The only thing i could say was THANK GOD!

Yupps. Amazing testimony i have here.. Thank GOD! :)

[the only thing that was lost was the folded bus ticket heart i left inside the battery compartment. oh well. it's nothing compared to my hp! kinda weird why that person wanted it. maybe he/she dropped it somewhere. ha. doesn't matter anymore. YAY!]

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It is only the beginning...

Why God Evangelistic Outreach!!!

Awww.. It was awesome. Praise God!!! All glory to him. :)

Special thanks also go out to...

DOYLE of cos! For organising! Putting in lots of effort in planning and executing... We cannot help but agree we make a good team. Ha.
Pamela! For organising the street evangelism.
Jia En, Mingmin and Russell, our publicity team! For designing such powerful postcards and helping with the video and prayer cards.
Hospitality and Helps team! For doing such a great job with the board, drawing station, registration, picture taking, setting up everything so early and making people feel so welcome.
Leaders and core group members! Who came early to pray and create excitement to welcome ppl.
Emcees! LZR + LZR make a formidable team don't you think? Not only were you two entertaining, you all really brought up some points which really brought up the theme too..
Worship team! Great job in leading the people to worship. And for forking out time to rehearse too!
Testimony-sharers Ee Foo and Felicia. Cheers to the courage to stand in front of a crowd and share so openly! God was glorified and lives were touched...
Glenn our speaker! NICE. Very inspiring message that spoke to believers and non-believers alike. Really am thankful that he managed to prepare this in spite of his super busy schedule. He just came back from Turkey after receiving an award and even had the whole saturday packed with stuff la.
Melissa and Kaiyang! Gosh. Didn't your hearts melt when you heard them sing?
Samson Lam and Jane! PA + Powerpoint super important woa.. THANKS.
Joshua Ho! For helping us do the floor lights even though it was sooo last minute. ha.
Everyone who invited friends! Haha.. To be honest, i was planning the outreach just for non-believers. Not for YPMers. Haha.. Outreach ma. But you all played very important roles in asking ppl to come! I believe God worked so strongly that his glory was shown to all, even those already Christians.

It is only the beginning ya? Hope that everyone is even more encouraged and passionate to keep sharing! Paul wasn't ashamed of the gospel, and we shouldn't be too! May zeal for the Lord consume you... :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Red wine!

I am back! After the internet died for like a week!

And i feel sick. Tried to learn how to drink red wine with Abel. Haha. The guy at Wine Connection helped us choose a light bodied Spanish wine with a vanilla finish. I drank less than a cup over a few hours. And i felt quite all right till we were walking home. Haha. Was kinda giddy and a headache was coming down on me. Then i went home to puke. Twice. Eugh. I don't really like it, but still want to learn to be able to appreciate it. Interesting how it dehydrates your brain, makes you light headed, gives you a flushed face, makes you talk funny and is still supposed to be healthy in small amounts. Haha.. Interesting. At least I didn't become drunk. Thank God. I know I shouldn't go over half a cup next time. Or maybe I'll just stay away from alcohol totally. Ha.