Friday, November 9, 2007

Red wine!

I am back! After the internet died for like a week!

And i feel sick. Tried to learn how to drink red wine with Abel. Haha. The guy at Wine Connection helped us choose a light bodied Spanish wine with a vanilla finish. I drank less than a cup over a few hours. And i felt quite all right till we were walking home. Haha. Was kinda giddy and a headache was coming down on me. Then i went home to puke. Twice. Eugh. I don't really like it, but still want to learn to be able to appreciate it. Interesting how it dehydrates your brain, makes you light headed, gives you a flushed face, makes you talk funny and is still supposed to be healthy in small amounts. Haha.. Interesting. At least I didn't become drunk. Thank God. I know I shouldn't go over half a cup next time. Or maybe I'll just stay away from alcohol totally. Ha.

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