Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cell grp CNY visitation

To try one more time tmr! And see what happens..

To be transformed by the renewing of the mind, and then to test and approve God's will. Romans 12

Friday, January 30, 2009


Maybe now i understand the frustration...

It is the Miracle of Restraint: Although power can force obedience, only love can summon a response of love.

Argh. I don't like this part of sacrifice.

But I, when I am lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men to myself John 12:32

Strategies, not just deltoids

My chinese fan I held for CNY. Inspired by ZhuGeLiang, and because Spore is swelteringly hot. Not that i'm complaining. Adelaide was 45 degrees yesterday. And someone fainted at the busstop and died from heat stroke. *shivers*

ZhuGeLiang's feather fan. So that he'll always stay cool even in times troubled times. :)

Everyone from all walks of life can watch Red Cliff together. Which is why i organised a Red Cliff MARATHON! Even though all those who came didn't know each other... haha.

Bought the VCD for RC1 to watch , before heading to the cinema for RC2. Tickets were bought last minute, cos of lotsa of changes in confirmations. But in the end, sitting at the 1st row turned out to be a good thing. I didn't get a cramp, or become giddy, but I did feel the shock and the heat from the burning of boats. HA.

WOOO. These heroes are such brilliant ppl. Without the power of mind reading, we'll have the intelligence of toddlers (as learnt from Lifespan Development, and a cool new book i'm reading - Blink by Malcolm Gladwell).

To strike the right balance btw the goals and virtues, friendship and self-interests. Everytime i try, i always wonder once again... How in the world did Jesus manage to hang out with the tax-collectors and the prostitutes? Who are the equivalent in our society today? And how are we responding?

Have i been doing the right thing? Perhaps it was a great way to end the day... Sitting on the stone seat once again and praying... No better way. :)

Now.. what will i learn from chapter 4?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

牛(New) 年快乐!

Lunar New Year Day 1!

*Prosperity in the midst of recession? Peace and love in the family even in the midst of fighting? Faith and hope even when everyone else are questioning?*

So many things i can't control... Oh how I need to bring it to the Lord even more...

26 days late, but i've not got much proper resolutions written down yet. I shall take it slow..
But with a new season of my relationship with God, i've decided to study the life of Jesus in depth, beginning with Philip Yancey's book 'The Jesus I never knew'. Perhaps with more understanding of Jesus, who reveals God, I might be able to become a radical imitator of Christ and different from what society's norms, in a Christian manner. Even at chapter 3 today, i've realised that i'm so much similar to a Pharisee... Excited at what i'm going to discover!!! The NT module has led me to love the Gospels and Revelations the most. The beginning and the end... :)

And a new chapter in life! Just celebrated my 21st birthday with my Dong gua, Patrick and Leney. Cos i'll be overseas during mine, and Architect donggua will prob be stuck doing submissions. Patrick is most prob speaking Jap, playing the guitar and drums, discipling at the same time. And Charlene is the poor gal who can't meet all of us even tho she wants to. (In a humourous way, it's something like that la. Haha.) We're all 21 now! Shared our 2 wishes out of 3 and prayed with each other. I shall put mine down. So that i remember:
1. That the 4 of us will continue meeting up with each other as long as we live. Avg 4 times a year!
2. That we'll always be passionate about what we do. (even passionately angry at injustice, passionately bold to make changes, passionately excited at our decisions, but most of all... have the passion knowing that we're doing what is right and pleasing in God's eyes)

Forward to day 2!