Friday, January 30, 2009

Strategies, not just deltoids

My chinese fan I held for CNY. Inspired by ZhuGeLiang, and because Spore is swelteringly hot. Not that i'm complaining. Adelaide was 45 degrees yesterday. And someone fainted at the busstop and died from heat stroke. *shivers*

ZhuGeLiang's feather fan. So that he'll always stay cool even in times troubled times. :)

Everyone from all walks of life can watch Red Cliff together. Which is why i organised a Red Cliff MARATHON! Even though all those who came didn't know each other... haha.

Bought the VCD for RC1 to watch , before heading to the cinema for RC2. Tickets were bought last minute, cos of lotsa of changes in confirmations. But in the end, sitting at the 1st row turned out to be a good thing. I didn't get a cramp, or become giddy, but I did feel the shock and the heat from the burning of boats. HA.

WOOO. These heroes are such brilliant ppl. Without the power of mind reading, we'll have the intelligence of toddlers (as learnt from Lifespan Development, and a cool new book i'm reading - Blink by Malcolm Gladwell).

To strike the right balance btw the goals and virtues, friendship and self-interests. Everytime i try, i always wonder once again... How in the world did Jesus manage to hang out with the tax-collectors and the prostitutes? Who are the equivalent in our society today? And how are we responding?

Have i been doing the right thing? Perhaps it was a great way to end the day... Sitting on the stone seat once again and praying... No better way. :)

Now.. what will i learn from chapter 4?

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