Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It has begun

It's been 1st week! Played mahjong with Sam, Colin and Mahjong Master Kenneth + made lovely apple crumble with Cheryl's recipe already.

Felt so comfortable being back with my hostel friends. Wonder how i'll feel when i leave them next yr to move into a cheaper apartment without food... :(

Ee Ling just left... I'll miss you lots. You've been such a dear to me. Always crazily random, sheepishly humourous, yet the lawyer in you never fails to shine through when I need advice. The unit is much quieter now... but i'll see you back in Spore! Have a good sem in NUS k? I have appointed you as my lawyer if i ever need one. :)

Managed to clean up my room and fix my internet and printer. My super hero power never fails to act up. Internet got cranky and my new printer cartridge was rebelliously dry since 1st sem. But i managed to bring in fresh supplies... So it's working fine now. :)
Talking about my powers, Alethea and I laughed for about 5 full mins when i walked into her room and the next second, there was a 'BING' sound that said she temporarily lost internet connection. OMG. HAHA.

I love my modules and my timetable this sem. So far so good for 1st week. The workload seems fair. Did i tell anyone that i have only 4 classmates in my NT class? 1 guy and 3 gals. Who are much older than me. I think the ladies are at least 40+. We even sit around cosily in his office for lessons and there's free coffee and tea in the student's common room during break. Haha. Prof suggested we change timings from 5:30pm to begin from 4:30pm for our 3 hours seminar. So my timetable looks even better now... Was so nice of one of my classmates to offer to send me back home every week. So i wont have to suffer in the cold waiting for buses since the bus change and waiting would take me almost an hour to get back.. in the dark.

Core mods: Chem 1B & Fundamentals of Nutrition
Electives: Lifespan Development & Interpreting the New Testament
Deciding and still sitting in lectures: The Individual & Society (Philosophy)

My Timetable for 2nd sem


DSRS1202 Lecture (1) STS.S403

CHEM1102 Practical (4) PHYS.121




CHEM1102 Tutorial (1) SLTH.STH1

CHEM1102 Lecture (1) IST.STH3

CHEM1102 Lecture (1) IST.STH3

CHEM1102 Lecture (1) IST.STH3



NUTD1000 Lecture (1) FMC

NUTD1000 Lecture (1) FMC




THEO1201 Seminar (1) ACD.E3




Now... to set out to look for a job to work on Fridays.