Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hols are over~

Being back in Spore was really what I looked forward to for the past 5 months! I guess being away for a long time really makes you appreciate friends and other stuff alot more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder isn't it? It was short, but seriously action packed!

The best parts i can remember right now are:
  • Coming back to my own home
  • Having extended family mahjong session + celebrating Uncle Casey's bday with durian fudge cake
  • Buffet dinner with cussies
  • Playing the YPM league and winning Captain's ball with the cell
  • Having cell and eating meals together
  • Eating ALLLLL the un-beatable yummy and cheap local food, including Ding Tai Fung / Fisherman's wharf / Billybombers dinner with ypmers
  • Learning how to make dimsum (session 1) from my shifu
  • Having a new god-mother - the mee siam aunty just at my hawker centre
  • Sitting at the beach with a friend chatting
  • Hanging out with ducklings
  • Singing KBox from 7pm to 3am with leney, donggua and patrick
  • Having free duet practice session @ donggua's place
  • Being bridesmaid for 2 weddings (Congrats!!!)
  • Seeing Caleb and Serene off... hoping to see you 2 soon...
  • Learning that He Lu has a similar testimony of financial providence
  • He Lu being head chef for meal of chili crabs, salted veg duck soup, egg, veg & chin chow followed by mahjong
  • Eating and shopping with Ee Ling + getting messed up with oozing tiramisu donuts then meeting Gab Lee. lol
  • Watching Red Cliff. Brilliant!
  • Having curry udon lunch with Ying Zi and Sam
  • And I am ever so grateful... for the whole experience of getting the scholarship. Psychometric test, interview, excitement + expectancy + exclamation :) May I never forget the faithfulness and power of God
I am coming home in Dec. Yayyyyyyyy... :)

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