Wednesday, July 2, 2008


BACK IN SPORE! And i'm lovin' it. Love the people, the food, the jacketless outfits, the short travelling times and home sweet home...

SERENE's finally MARRIED! Really glad for her... But.... Caleb is stealing her away... I will miss her soo sooo much. :(

While i was out with leney, dong gua and patrick, MOH called me today telling me that i'm scheduled for a psychometric test tmr!!! I'm so shocked. That means that i have only one day to prepare!!! I immediately went to central library and found the only psychometric test book available to practice. Shucks. I feel as though i'm going to fail the maths, english and reasoning tests. Maybe i won't do so badly for my personality one. It's hard to fail that isn't it?

But... am praying really hard... I can't do this on my own. Intercede for me yes? If God is willing, he'll grant me the scholarship! He said he will provide for my studies... I'm just not sure if MOH is the way he planned.

*interlocks fingers*

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