Friday, February 5, 2010


Can't help remember my phrase that i often use:
'It will come around one day!' (used when i wanna get away with blessing someone and not wanting to take anything back in return).

I was blessed by Kenneth who put me up and brought me and Sammie around Hong Kong and Macau for 8 days!!!

I was blessed by Samuel Yim and Arthur Foo who put a bunch of us up too after Convy, and just kept planning and planning, calling and messenging, driving fiercely (meaning:fast, with great skill and fearlessly. haha) around M'sia and constantly asking more friends down to accompany us...

My turn now to bless! If i can't give Annie a balanced diet, at least i aim for 7-8hours sleep everyday. Haha. We have SO LITTLE fibre, veggies and fruits these few days la. Aiyo. Hope her complexion is not too affected. At least i didn't overstuff her with yummy food today.

Well done me. :) lols.

*Note to self: Please remember to praise or thank ppl in front of everyone they've served. And not just say it when the person's no longer around... He/She doesnt get so much honour then.

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