Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gonna have fun preparing meals

I finished my exams... I finished my exams... I finished my exams!!!

And i'm having the time of my life now. Back out from the books and my room, to the people in the world outside. :)


But just one more day at home. Before i keep going out, and neglect slacking at home time. Wanna work on my latest quiet time query to God. :)

Betty's staying over at my place now. SO EXCITED. I can cook for her every night, not forgetting desserts of cos! Not going to chat much to her outside of mealtimes, cos i just want her to study for her papers on Tues and Thurs. She's been a real darling to me. A confidante, and a huge encouragement. She deserves to have unlimited talk time and free sms, cos she uses it well, to bless others. haha. Like how i've been richly blessed by her thru' the toughest of times.

She's sleeping in my living room now. Let her sleep early without much chatting/catching up (which we did quite alot during dinner actually, but there's so much more to say of cos), so that she can spend the whole of tmr studying. Which was her plan, and a wise one indeed. She hasn't STARTED STUDYING!!!

So since i can't chat with her now, i'll give chat about her here! haha. I'll miss Betty SO SO much. She's been a real joy to hang around with and go crazy with as a friend, to serve alongside in ministry like fully-armoured warriors for Christ, and to share burdens, blessings and passions with as Sisters-in-Christ.

The most obvious fruits of her ministry so far, is the large number of new members that OCF Flinders has this year. She really did a fantastic job for orientation. Leading the centre to reach out to many newbies on campus, and create awareness of OCF. So that even tho' we had abt 1/3 of an exodus last yr, we still increased in membership to about 34!!!

There's many other lives she's touched, intercession she's prayed, burdens she's borne, and struggles she's faced. And still, her life still shines ever so brightly for Christ. Great role model... :)

がんばって Betty! JIAYOU for exams!! Hope you enjoy the food, and have an enjoayable stay here. Gonna miss you when you're back in Melbourne...