Monday, June 22, 2009

My sista

15min gang membership is up to 5 now!!! Newest member, LI ENG!!!

My family is expanding... Somehow, i'm starting to get an idea of how this 'fictive kinship' (term coined by theologists) works. Perhaps it's not so fictive after all. Just a glimpse into eternity? Are we actually living it right now? Nahh. We're far from it. What can i do to change this?

Li Eng from UniSA, my Edge church buddy just accepted CHRIST!!! WOOOOOOO. Super happy. This is like the 2nd person that i'm close to, who accepted Christ this semester. Omgomg. It's brilliant to see the fruits of sowing and planting... The Spirit has worked, and we can continue doing the good work of his ministry. OCF! Even for all the stress that we've been thru. Salvation of souls makes it all worth it.

Meanwhile, i will try my bestest to disciple Chin Chin, our new sister in Christ from OCF Flinders! Aunt M says that you should continue investing until you see the person become a disciple maker herself. That's what i'm gonna try... So far, the few sessions have been short, but fab! Miss the sessions i had with Serene. haha.

I wonder what will happen next season. But first, selection of the committee.

Big decision for me again...................... What will it be? Tell me, Lord.

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