Sunday, October 21, 2007


YEAH. Great Eastern 10km run! I met my goal for the race. 10km without stopping! The website says my timing will be out within 48 hours! :)

I think i only managed to do it cos i was running with Serene. On my own, i would have given up before the halfway mark. I just can't run alone... Not enough willpower. Serene! Thanks alot! I had fun running with you even though we don't talk much during the run. haha. It's more like the moral support we give each other ya? Hope your ankle is not too badly hurt... No sports for you for like 1 month hor! No netball, or tennis, or jogging. Only swimming is allowed. And pls go see a doc. Get your x-ray done...

I was so pleased that the race was brilliantly organised. We could collect our race packs before the big day itself. So there wasn't a mad rush after the race to collect the goodies, especially when slower runners like us would usually end up with the leftover L and XL sized shirts. Alot of good advertising for adiadas, women's mags, skincare, cervical cancer awareness, etc. Humourous MCs, music that pumped us up before the race, well marked out race route, efficient baggage deposit and collection, and ICE COLD GATORADE after the race!!! Really good stuff.

For all you sports maniacs out there... (yes. you know who you are. those of you whose got some part of your body spoilt) pls take care of yourself. Push yourself yes. But if you're getting worn out, or injured, go see a doc or do necessary treatment before it's too late, if not you gotta recuperate for a much longer time and miss playing your sport for an even longer time! You're shortchanging yourself!!! I remember getting shin splint when i was still training for canoeing last time. Horrible experience. My stamina dropped like mad, and i could only watch my teammates train. Totally not worth it.

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