Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A good day

Somehow i think i'm starting to realise why I'm working here... Feeling more content. Hope that i can contribute as much as i can!
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails" Prov 19:21

After work, Yee Ning "picked me up" to go visit Enos today. Ha. She came to meet me @ Singpost to go to the hosp together. Wah. What a popular guy. A whole bunch of ppl came to visit him. The room for 6 patients was overcrowded with CM ppl! We gave up trying to keep our volume down, and just went into the day room instead to hang out. Thank God you're feeling much better. Speedy recovery dude~ Everyone wishes you well. :)

Random thoughts:
*Gambate Yunz. We'll have our date another day. hah.

*Leney! Does NTU teach you practical stuff about accounting? Like how the knowledge is used in the real world? Today my mum was explaining to me about fixed assets and depreciation (remember what we learned in econs?). I finally see how the working world uses these information. Haha. In JC, it was just all theory to me.

*Next chapter in the book: I found out that i have a wandering mind. I need to focus... And as i tried doing this during work, it's weird how the word porridge flashed through my thoughs a few times. HAHA. I went to eat yummy duck porridge for lunch then. Try harder tmr!

*It's interesting to look back and see how tiny shawn has grown so much more mature and taller! I still remember when i first met you. Haha. It's nice seeing you around and chatting. I think you're really friendly and open. Nice. :)

*How does Wayne stay so fair? I'm jealous. I need sunblock to be able to do that.

*I have decided to study for the whole of January. Anyone care to join me? :)

*I wanna eat jap food. Haha. When, Aaron? When?

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