Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My superhero power

Essays are out of the way. Thank God.

During this period, I wished that i could have the 'memory' ability that one of the lady in the show 'Heroes' has. Just read and voila. It's stuck in my head forever.

I think my Hero ability is 'To spoil electronics'. So far it's an unconscious, involuntary ability. I just haven't learnt to control my powers yet.

Coming here, I have since:
1. Mysteriously emptied my brand new printer yellow ink cartridge. And it seems i can't use my printer at all... not even to print black and white.
2. Spoilt my friend's printer, irrepairably, when i asked her for a favour (for the first time) to help me print my documents.
3. Made her camera hang as well (That's really rare isn't it?) when she wanted to take a picture of me hugging her bear.
4. Kept my phone reception still awfully bad.
5. Contracted a horrible msn virus which sends out virus to others. It's a link directing you to get the virus i think. I am 1000% sure i never clicked on the link when i got it from some others. It's not my fault!!! I shall stay off msn till i return and get help from my bro. My brilliant anti-virus isn't working...

Anyways, back to work. If mum's working that hard, I can do too... Gambate mum! Love ya... :)

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