Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling so hungry studying nutrition

Had such a great time in Brisby~ Thank God the highest rainfall in 12 yrs, the storm, blackout and flood that happened in the area that i stayed at didnt really affect me much. The weather was great for the activities i was doing each day.

Spent so much $ though. Needa save up for Sydney trip next year already. Hillsongs Conference! And...... I so wanna go to Tetsuya's for a meal.. heh. :P It will cost me a BOMB. Anyone wanna donate to the 'well-deserved experience of a lifetime for mel fund'?

Nutrition exam tmr, and chem on tues!!!

Realised i'm not as confident as i usually am for exams cos' alot of the info i hid in my head flew away when i sat on the roller coasters in Movie World. Still can't believe i sat on roller coasters. I'm PETRIFIED of heights. Maybe cos J tricked me into sitting the humble looking Scooby Doo one. I was so wobbly after that. I actually only planned to sit just the kiddy road-runner roller coaster. But after that i felt more confident la. Went for more... :)

Managed to re-read all my notes this weekend, and do 4 practise quizzes. I'm ready to thrash my paper tmr! But i realised that i forgot to do 1 nutrition quiz during my brisby trip. Shucks. Lost 5%. Not sure if i can get my HD now... Oh well~ Just do my best, and enjoy my exam~ :)

Meanwhile, I REALLY misssss home... Really wanna fly home now. Some friends have already went home. Now i understand how my friends felt when i changed my exam dates last sem, and was the 1st to leave. This time, i'll be the last to leave cos of OCF Convention and AGM for all the different states' OCF centres... Better prepare for my centre report soon. But first, what all of us Sporeans make the world of.


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