Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival!

Work is still yucky. But at least i'm becoming less blur as i get used to the routines of the tasks... I'm like just rushing to work early in the morning, rushing to finish all the work that keeps coming in and i can NEVER finish. And.. it seems as though everyone is OTing. Which i hate, even though the pay is good. I wanna do other stuff other than work! It's all staff claims, and reimbursements, and cheques, and invoices, and rentals, and utilities, blablabla. Sigh. Guess what. We're outsourcing our department to indians starting Oct. Ha. I wonder how it'll be... First, they start with replacing most perm staff to temp staff, who don't even have accounting backgrounds. Now we're even outsourcing! But i think the indians might know more than us temps. Ha. They are smart.

I'm glad to declare that i finished reading a book called, "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko!!! Even though it analyses American millionaires, the stuff they teach is really foundational and practical! His auntie lent it to me. And it seems that most of their family has read it. And they find it common sense! Ha.. So it is tried, tested and successful. :)
So now... I'm on a budget. Because they found out that millionaires are actually very frugal, even though they have loads of money. Well, this is how they get their money. Bit by bit. It is my defensive move to accumulate wealth! Since i'm not getting a millionaire's income. Haha. This includes trying to drag my colleagues to eat this really cheap caifan stall neat my workplace that allows us to take our own dishes! Any amount you want. Little bits of everything, or lots of just a few. AND it's super cheap!! We usually take like 4 dishes, and it's like just $2.30?!? Shiok.

Ok. So far i'm not very successful. Have been spending lots on food, just watched a play @ esplanade on sunday, and bought lotsa mooncake ingredients when i went for my mooncake class. Haha.

I love the mooncakes my mum and i made together!!! (We both agreed that we should have started making mooncakes from since 2 years ago when she first learnt) YAY. Haha.. We started at like 11pm on friday.. and did till like 3am? Shucks. Shouldn't have gone shopping before that. LOL. I was soooooo tired. But it was FUN! Made 50+ small pandan flavoured snowskin mooncakes at one shot. Some with white lotus paste with melon seeds, and the rest with this delightful chocolate lotus paste with melon seeds. It's only our first time making it, but it is... HAHA. The best (and not to mention cheapest) there is! Heh. We gave out almost all of them... Simply couldn't finish so much. Ahhh.. Expecting the full moon tmr!!! I think i shall stay out and stare at it for some time...

Happy mooncake festival everyone! Enjoy the chinese celebrations in your own way...

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