Monday, February 25, 2008



I was so frustrated with my internet. I'm really "anti-IT" (description given by my brother), i think. Everyone's internet could work except mine. 6 people came to my room to help me, including new friends and hostel IT personnels for like a week, and none managed to do it! Surprisingly, when June (Canoeing Aw Yong! She's your cousin! Such a small world after all.) came over, she knew exactly what the problem was straight away and made it right. GRINS. Thank God. I'm not cut off from the world now.

I miss everyone... Warmest thanks to everyone who sent me off. It really made a difference!!! I didn't cry! Cos i was just really glad to be sent off by many, and be prayed for. Much more peace ya? Ha. Though i didn't cry at the airport... (Ee Foo! I did you proud, didn't i? Ha.) I cried on my 2nd day here already. And another time just now, when I said my goodbyes to my parents as they went back to the hotel. They're flying back tmr! As what everyone says, i'll get used to it... Sigh. Too pampered back in S'pore. Too much in my comfort zone. Let's see what i'm really made of here!

People are SUPER friendly here. Really not used to it. They'll greet you as long as they see you, and give you a bright smile. Nice.

It's FREEZING. And it's only summer. Temperatures are like around 20+ degrees? But it's really windy, esp since Flinders is up on a hill. So i'm practically wearing my jacket everywhere. I froze on the first night, since the temp drops and i didn't bring my quilt over. Brrrr... But i managed to buy the cheapest electric blanket i could find! YAY. And it's so much more comfortable. Ha. Oh what will i do in winter~

The food in hostel is actually pretty good! They have like buffet style servings. Breakfast is lotsa cereals and bread with spreads, sometimes eggs and stuff. Lunch is packed sandwiches, but oh so healthy! With cheese, hams, veggies and sauces. Dinner so far is quite good too! I'm not really into their potatoes, and their rice is like very hard, but still, there was good cutlet, curry, pies, steaks and stuff for mains so far. :) And of cos, unlimited amounts of veggies, pasta and can take like 2 whole fruit too. I can still eat healthily!!! MUST NOT GROW FAT.

My main exercise so far is walking up and down slopes. Ha... Still haven't tried a running route yet. The gym costs like $300 a year. Shucks. And it's so cold here, i'm abit reluctant to run. But Moses Koh was telling me that some girl in Flinders runs 5km everyday! WOAH. I must have that kinda determination...

My room's pretty cosy. It's even bigger that the rooms at TTC that we stayed for YPM camp 2007. Pictures say a thousand words!

I'm lucky. I'm like sharing a house like place with 6 other gals! Only us 6 can access our place. A kitchen and 2 toilets and 2 showers and a living room. Few ppl got a 'unit' like mine. Most stay in the 'hall', where each has a individual room, then it leads out to the corridor where everyone can walk. Other units and those halls are shared by both guys and gals. But mine has all gals! So much more convenient. Ha. And they don't drink that much. Most of the guys here drink loads. Yucks. Ha. Not the guys. But the liquor... eeeee.

So far I've met quite interesting ppl. Ha. Not much Asians, but it was easy for the group of us just to talk and be comfy. I try not to stick only to Asians, so that I can check out other cultures. So i now know ppl from HK, Sarawak, Japan, China, S'pore (heh), States, Sri Lanka, Korea, and Aussies of cos. One pict I've got with some of us Asians!

Yeah.. Orientation Week (O'week) is happening whole of this week. They'll burn a CD for us at the end, and i'll update more then.

*Learnt new Jap word from Jap friend Yosuke: Ma-Ta-Ne, meaning 'see ya later'* :)

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