Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today i shall just blog abt 2 funny things, cos i wanna sleep soon.

Boo. Some ppl lack passion here. When they play DOTA, they can play it without any emotion at all!!! Just stare blankly at the screen and play. HOW CAN THAT BE? (instantly sings song: "So sad.. so sad.. it's a sad sad situation" if only cousins, esp criss, were with me, we'll sing together.) DOTA is more fun than that! Killing heroes, getting items, helping friends, FIRST BLOOD/MONSTER KILL/OWNAGE. Haha.. Yes guys?

Conversation of the day when i was talking to someone, take A to be that person, and B to be the friends around A. It went something like that.
B: Aiyo.. You slept so little for the past two nights. Why you so stressed??
A: Desperate times need desperate measures!!!
B: Not so bad.. You don't have that much backlog...
A: No~ Exams are in 6 weeks!!!
Ha. Can you believe it? Now i've got someone to spur me on.
(haha. no offence to A. I really had to blog it. Couldn't stop laughing. Your name will remain confidential~)

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