Thursday, May 1, 2008

1st exam in Adelaide

Many gd things happening.

Went abit crazy studying, so i ran 10 rounds around the big field.

Bio mid-sem down! I did ok i think. But i know that i've yet to master the 1st 6 weeks yet. Shall read through it one more time. Some time later. Ha.

I've got my exam timetable! It's possible to change the dates so that i can come back earlier... Yay. Shall make it happen.

Sam's friend, Rafe, came to visit. Cooked us a scrumptious dinner even though he claims he doesn't know what he's doing. Jap curry, stewed chicken that tastes very much like 'gong1 bao3 ji1', scrambled eggs with tomatos and sliced mushrooms with ikea swedish meatball sauce! They helped me buy a polka dot quilt cover set as well! Haha. Polka dots!!! (for my quilt which has been coverless for a very long time...) $24 seems pretty cheap.

Have been watching iron chef, and learnt a new beef and potato stew recipe. Looks fantastic. So wanna try it, but i'm quite unwilling to spend money... Hmm. Should i?

Quite glad to still have friends in S'pore still talking to me, on skype, phone, email and msn. Thank you for making me still feel loved. And lotsa updates about YPM. Street E, new guy in town, BGR talk, and lotsa growth spiritually i hope? Go YPM. Many changes, but stay united, grow in love and show it in action.

Many gd things, but still uneasy somehow... When i'm back in my room, i just feel like i'm missing something. Still wishing i'm back home maybe? Afraid that i'll do badly for any module? Unsure of my own vision, and thus the direction i'm heading? Feeling strongly that theology is getting too tough for me?

1 verse spoke very strongly to me - Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Psalm 126:5

Anyway, have been really impressed by Rohit during OCF bible studies. Each time he shares, he usually backs up what his opinions with a relevant verse from the bible. Such sound knowledge! Asked him about how he does this, and he shared about a sermon he once heard. The pastor spoke about 'Hiding God's word in your heart'. And even though his bible was open on the pulpit stand, he never once looked at it. He spoke from no notes, no references, yet the many verses he quoted were all spot on! Wow. I'm going try to start doing the Sunday School practice.

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