Friday, May 9, 2008


Added note: *HAHA. Okies. i was just thinking about my bro. then the only other ppl that came to mind was his clique. LOLS. *apologises* That list includes dg, leney and patrick! of cos along with my whole batch. which i haven't been really catching up with. haha. oops. and... my cell grp + everyone who had exams.. haha. won't leave out anyone like that. hope everyone aced all their papers! heard yanling was really stressed. was Chem ok?

Congrats to all those who finished their exams! Even though i'm not one of you, but... i can feel all the excitement, and wanna help celebrate abit too! I think there's... Bro, Stell, Eeling, Aaron, Cal and... who else? Helu? Anyway.. Enjoy some of the bestest... like hanging out with friends, eating chocolate (esp whatever Ee Ling is gonna bake) and sheepishly grinning at each other. NOT laughing at those who still hasn't started hols. haha. Have fun~

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