Saturday, April 26, 2008

Star gazing nite + pancakes

After finally finishing two essays (lotsa thanks to ppl who patiently listened to me whine about it), and totally needing a getaway cos i am so horrible at it (i think i need to develop stronger viewpoints. very weak at just being easily swayed. if not i'll always take forever to finish every other time.), i planned a star gazing nite, and a trip to the pancake house for its tuesday buffet special!

Objective 1: Drag ppl with me to watch the stars and the full moon!
Objective 2: Eat ice cream out in the cold weather. But some complained, so i bought oreos and milk instead. Made everyone bring jackets and mugs along and we walked all the way to sch campus!
Objective 3: Bond btw the some of us uni hall ppl. We don't really sit down together in such a big group aside from meal times... So it's fun just to play 'sit in a circle' games and use forfeits to declare each other's gd points instead of doing shameful stuff.
Objective 4: Wasn't too successful i think. Haha. To introduce ppl to abit of astronomy. I tried to put in some greek mythologies too.

Yummy pancakes! Were really thick and fluffy! But eating only plain pancakes with just butter and maple syrup was seriously too 'je-lat'. I was so hungry... but ate 4 and couldn't eat another bite. Still think waffles taste better. The ambience was good though. Very cosy and 'cowboy era' like, with lotsa different pancake posters and comics on the wall!

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