Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Single Drop

Easter Camp was Perfect! It's quite rare to have a perfect camp isn't it? Ha. Ok, maybe it wasn't perfect. But it was really good for me. I wonder if it was because i didn't have much expectations for it, or rather, i didn't really know what to expect from an OCF camp. Well, the experience was really amazing. And i thank ppl like... both Moses (Koh and Foo) for making me excited about going for it even before i touched down in Aussie. And the e-camp committee, who were actually all first time committee members!!! *wow* Praise God.

At first i thought the camp theme 'One single drop' was weird, and i knew all that i needed to know from the theme Psalm, 139. Only when i went to the camp did i realise that i was very wrong! I felt soooo weird being the newcomer after being so comfortable in YPM for such a long long while. Weird not because the ppl were in cliques and didn't include me, but just because i wasn't used to the one not with an already close grp of friends who knew me well. The first day we had 'OCF has talent', and i felt that i was totally not cut out for the stage. Ha. Think i didn't do anything very stupid while dancing, but i just felt soooo embarrassed in front of ppl and become much shyer to everyone else. Haha.

Anyway, the camp has brought me back to my foundations. Other than being more convicted that everyone is made so differently, and of cos it's very impt implications (e.g. how we treat others because of that reason), i realised that my position in Christ wasn't as strong as I would like it to be. Not that i didn't know about the verses that told me who i am, but it's more like the experience? Of the divine nature and of the confidence that i already should have in Christ? It's more than just knowing God is always there, and I am able to trust him, but also to identify and remember the times God has revealed himself, and the power i actually have in Christ. (Thanks Chris.. for listening to me on the phone.. I'm really seeking for more experiences of the Holy Spirit, and trying to identify when or how the Spirit is working in me.. ) Only when i am really convinced am i able to show it strongly in my life, or be able to defend my faith assuringly.

Maybe i dont make sense... but it's just personal.

Oh yes! And i wanna share all the GREAT stuff about the camp. Think many would like to hear:
1. Program timings weren't too rushed
Had like 1 hr devotions, 1 half hours bible studies, short but very concise sermons. It was gd planning cos it seemed that there was buffer time for most biblical activities. (We all know how we always get carried away.) First day there was lots of breaks so that we weren't packed with activites but could actually chat and get to know other new ppl better.
2. Enough time to sleep
Lights off was actually 9pm on the 1st night, 10.30pm on the 2nd, and the 3rd night there was no lights out. Great! So ppl had enough energy to take part in all activities, not fall asleep during sermons, devotions, workshops, and bible studies.
3. Considerate towards non-believers
Instead of putting them into the normal devotions and bible studies, a separate discovery group was arranged so that they could learn something more bite-sized and applicable. They were even given new bibles on day 1, and given special mention and encouragement on the last day! Gd thinking comm!
4. Games weren't dirty
Not that dirty games are not fun, but because we knew that games wouldn't be dirty, we could bathe during any time of the day. There wasn't queues for the showers at all, so there wasn't any bath time planned in the timetable too. More program time and less stress on campers. Ha. If you don't want to bathe, it's up to you! Of cos, dirty games are always welcome... :)
5. There was a feedback poster
in the main hall. Posts were responsible and feedback was addressed during the camp. Instead of just giving feedback after the camp and it doesn't really make any difference anymore since it's over. 4 sections to it - praise reports, issues, improvements and transport needed home for part-timers i think.
6. BGR session
Haha. We've prob heard this many times.. but it's still always applicable. Esp when it's not a 'rules to follow' kinda sermon. Very practical guidelines on "How to increase the odds of a successful relationship" [Heard Glenn Lim came to talk about it too during YPM? What did he say???]
7. Praise and worship was from the heart
The band was all made up of OCFers, whom we all know usually come and go cos of short study periods., so they don't have as many years to practice together as a band. Even though they're not as coordinated as YPM bands, or might not have very cd-like effects, but it was obvious that it's more than the music, the speed of the songs, or the way the worship team sang. They really had more heart to praise than worry about perfection (even though i know that they rehearsed really hard too). Ppl sang louder when there wasn't music, shouted when they felt like it, and jumped about just for God.. not because the music was cool. On the last day, the committee themselves led worship without music at all. Fantastic.
8. Very flexible
No qualms about swopping the timetable around when the weather changes, without the stress of following all the plans put into place. And very relaxed abt how the program unveils as the Spirit leads. There was one workshop where we just worshipped instead of learning stuff, and the last night was lots of praying for each other (not just leaders) and even a mini celebration for someone who accepted Christ!
9. Very progressive teaching
Each biblical program was a build-on from the previous one, be it devotion, sermon or bible study. 3 different workshops to choose from allowed people of different maturities to learn what they preferred. Impressive.
10. No cliques!
It feels good to be accepted and loved. Even though we're all from different unis, and we might already have buddies here and there, ppl still mix around. Good stuff.

Oh and we saw like quite a few 'double' rainbows, those that were with their refractions. Absolutely breathtaking. Sry for the lack of picts here. I didn't bring my cam along. If i get my hands on picts with my friends, i'll update! Thanks for being interested... :)

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