Sunday, April 20, 2008



Haha... Sry i didn't wish you on your bday itself. I admit that i forgot. But still, since you reminded me, i'm going to give you one entry! :)

May you be able to experience breakthrough with your understanding and walk with God, that you can experience his abundance for you, esp in the Spirit.
May you be able to be an impact in Ypm! In whatever way you're faithfully serving in. There's so much potential in Ypm yet to be unleashed... GOGOGO!
May God bless you in your relationships with the people around you, that you are able to be more than just positive influence, an uplifter, but even a multiplier of faith and love.
May God bless you in your work, that you can a gd testimony to others, that you can do an exceptional amount of excellent work in the same time as others, that you really enjoy what you're doing and find it fulfilling.
May all the high cholestrol in you be gone too. :)

How did you celebrate your bday? Made 3 wishes and shared 2? (Benjamin tradition! Set by me... Or was it Matt? Ha.) Feeling wiser growing 1 yr older?

lotsa love,

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