Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mini thoughts

It's the 2 week break! I'm loving the time i have, but i'm stuck doing my essays. Finished one after so so long... and i've still got one more to go, due this sunday. I hate doing essays! There's no formula to it. There's so much information to be gathered and put together, and when i'm writing it, i don't feel any sense of security at all even when i try to reference as much as i can. No strong opinions to convey, not sure what the marker is looking out for and i just take forever to do it. Language is beautiful, but just not my cup of tea. I guess it was never meant to be simple in the first place. There's no formulas in life, only patterns or structures to follow. Even for science, it's just educated guesses!

Meanwhile, i feel like there's not enough time to talk to ppl in the hall and chat with everyone back in spore. If only i could clone myself and catch up with everyone at the same time. I can share that much with that many ppl. So sad...

Oh well. Back to work in my tiny little room.

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