Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easter Camp 2008

Beautiful scenery that melts your heart at God's creation

Sapphire + Iron men doing their war cry. Don't the gals feel so protected? :p

Tug of WAR!

Hilarious game. Dancing to the music and blowing balloons at the same time. When the music stops, do a classic pose!

Kitchen duty = first to get the desserts!

Standing with pride and ready for the 1 minute challenge! Jump when you think it's exactly a minute, and if the most number of ppl in the grp are caught jumping in the picture taken, they win!

My group posing! Grp cheer (according to tune of song): 'You've got to iron! iron! (X2 with ironing action) You've got to... (X3) oh..... IRON! (with strong arms action)'

Thanks to Woei Shyang who posted all the camp photos in his facebook!

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