Thursday, April 17, 2008


This entry is dedicated to ALETHEA Lim Jiing Qin! a.k.a sexy scenery (she blabbered out the word sexy instead of scenery when she was explaining the meaning of her chinese name, jing3 LOL)

This is my cute unit mate who has been such a darling to me. She studies all the time, has been winning lotsa awards from the school, and most importantly, she's been there for me for the important happenings in my life thus far! Like... my meals, chit-chats when i'm about to go mad from claustrophobia in my room or when i need a listening ear; telling me the latest happenings about everyone else in uni hall (lots of gossip flying everywhere), brought me to visit her Catholic Cathedral, and...

She gave me HAIG'S CHOCOLATES!!!

She surprised me with a MUPPETS poster because she knew i was crazy over it, but was feeling too poor to buy.

Thanks loads Alethea~

Even though sometimes i look as though my mind's abit blank cos i don't have such exciting stuff to share just like you can share with me, or i sometimes just get kinda anxious and abandon you to do my work, or i wake you up every morning to go for breakfast every morning with me (just like how i wake my bro up for church. haha) and i comment honestly about your cooking... (i didn't say your fried rice wasn't nice! i JUST said that it needed abit more soya sauce! haha. i have high expectations of my food, but i'm not fussy, and the love you put into the food is more than enough... cook more! haha. :D )
Hope that all these are forgiven! Cos you're stuck with me in the unit for a year..


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