Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend fun!

OCF Flinders went to Cleland Wildlife Park!!! :)

From left: Betty's boyfriend, Tricia (yr 2 dietetics senior), Me, Betty's housemate (hope he keeps joining us for OCF activities cos he's not chrisitan!), Betty (ever optimistic person!)

Tasmanian devil, Echidna, Wallabies with OCFers acting like wallabies. LOL

Me touching the Koala's butt (cos they didn't allow us to carry it), feeding the emu and kangaroos

Next exciting thing soon is the Easter Camp during the 2 week mid-sem break. Hope i'll get to know lots of ppl!

And Sarah (the pretty aussie gal, our unit mate) cooked a feast for us! YUMMY. We had earth hour on sat too... So we all had to switch off all our lights and electrical stuff for an hour and save some energy for Mother Earth. Had fruits and chit-chat session with candle lights! Singapore should have something like that. Save the earth, and slow down the pace to relax for a little while.

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