Sunday, August 17, 2008

Eeling + Choc Bean = :)

Received news that Ee Ling got top 5 in Flinders Law and for her 1st class honours!!! Praise God. He really answers prayers! Still remember how she studied so hard and stayed up countless nights to do her assignments. Special thanks... to Matt, her bf who helped her during this difficult time of completing assignments. and also to UNIT 7!!! Haha. Cos we were fantastic encouragers isn't it? :)

Miss you lots Ee Ling. May you have even better days / your 2 years at NUS Law as you convert your degree. Keep us updated!!! (Hope you're reading this~)

Here's our picts from Chocolate Bean just before you left. If only i could make such delightful desserts. Just got to meet Kelvin, someone who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. His first module was baking. OMG. If only i could study there during just one holiday.... Maybe.... haha! :)

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