Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emo day

Have been quite excited about this sem cos i really really like my modules. They've been fun! And the work hasn't really started. Ha. So it's good to just learn and absorb and reflect.

I even had the time to go watch Mama Mia! It was FANTASTIC. I cried for half the show, and kept singing. Almost wanted to dance too. Lol. But was abit shy. 4 of us gals went together - Sam, Alethea, Anna and me. And the other few seats in the whole cinema were filled by really old people. Ha. Weird though. Even though they older ones should be bigger Abba fans, I think we were the most excited ones in the place. GO WATCH IT. I rate it 5 stars. Like 赤壁! :)

That was an emotional day actually. After crying during the show, I was crying while talking to Siew Ho on msn. Haha. It was just one of those moody days where I couldn't really control my emotions. Think i'm get less stable when i'm all alone in my room.

The story goes like this:
I was approached to help make refreshments for OCF for Friday's orientation nite. So I happily agreed to do it! Given a $30 budget and told to make refreshments for 40 ppl, I decided everyone would really like some apple crumble and ice cream! Since the usual snacks are like 2 bags of potato chips, i thought this would be really a great idea to have homemade dessert and just indulge for the big event! Everyone is allowed to take 2 fruits per meal, so it'll be free when i rope in all my friends to help me get green apples. The other ingredients like flour and butter are so cheap. And i got lotsa cheap nice vanilla ice cream too. So i spent about $20. Which is actually much lesser, cos i won't be using up all the ingredients.

I later found out that I was actually supposed to make LOTS more food! Cos most ppl would be at OCF about 5pm to prepare stuff and rehearse and won't have any dinner. So the food I was supposed to prepare should be filling and lotsa carbs. Thank God i found out before the big day. Pat saved the day by helping me buy some other stuff so tt we can bake and prepare on friday. But in the end we had to increase budget by $10. Even though it was my fault for not asking specifically what was expected, others told me that it was just a miscomm.

The perfectionist in me ran wild and took over. Shucks. I WAS SO SAD. Made a mess. So in my room, not knowing who to talk to, I was glad when Siew Ho asked how i was! Told him the whole story and he actually offered to ask churchies to donate to the 'Save the Melissa's OCF supper time fund'. Haha. I was so tickled, and thanked him for the joke to cheer me up. But i realised that he wasn't joking!! OMG. Haha. Then he wants to transfer the money over so that I can give it back to OCF. Gosh. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Thanks siew ho.... You have no idea how grateful i felt by the thought. Thanks....

In the end, I baked from about 9am to 5pm together with a few others, and managed to prepare lotsa yummy food. Apple crumble, ice cream, 2 types of muffins, tuna puffs, sausage rolls and fries. Glad that people enjoyed it and was able to fill their rumbling tummies!

O nite was good i guess? Programs went well on that day. Just abit sad that we weren't able to set up a booth before that to publicise OCF more. Only 2 new people came. At least 2 came! But i just hoped for more. Nvm. We'll just keep praying for more.. more more more.

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