Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Down under Version 2!

YEAH. Internet is up! (anti-technology powers only lasted about 3 days this time. it is weakening...)

Good trip over. Love SQ flights. Smooooth. Had free Spore Sling cocktail, which was lovely, and put me to a restful sleep very quickly. haha. The air stewardess and steward were both discussing who ordered it in front of me, and deciding if i was over the age limit. Finally asking me and finding out that i'm TWENTY! haha. When i was checking in my luggage at the counter, the lady also said i looked so young la. I shall take it as compliments. And i give credit to my mum, who buys Kose skincare products for me. :)

Took so long to unpack and settle down, cos i was like showing Aunt Lily and Adelyn around the new area - city and nearest places, explaining all the basic stuff, and buying groceries and living stuff for 3 days straight. So tired. haha.

My room and house is GIAGANTIC. That's for paying AUD147 per week. I have SO MUCH storage space. I'm like living in a hotel room la. Just need to clean and cook my own food everyday. Woah. Big change. But i likes. So far. :)

My BIG room! Love the table space... It's like 4 times my table at home.

Kitchen and dining room!

Living Room! (Friend's TV coming soon)

2 Toilet sinks, toilets and bathrooms.

Corridor into our rooms! With additional storage (see left) for each of us.

I also have 2 new pets. Feather and Bubble. Feather is my new groceries trolley, which makes all heavy things light. And bubble, my slow cooker, which has been cooking my soups overnight for 2 times now. I shall take precious care of them. :)

Then began ORIENTATION! Time to reach out and befriend as MANY ppl as possible. May God's favour rest upon us. We wanna expand his kingdom so so so much. Crazy stuff man. haah. We all had too much holidays, so preparation was very efficient and effective. Haha. All in 1 long meeting. But everything is up on schedule! Even for the 1st day, just 3 of us managed to successfully invite 16 ppl to our events! Looking forward to the potluck at my place on Friday. Targetting... more than 50 ppl? Hope there's enough food. Our i/c is leaving for Melbourne before the event. So i guess, we all help out and take charge too.

Need sleeeeep. Not enough everyday already.

But.. studies on the book of Matthew has still been very exciting, even though i badly wanna jump into bed.


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