Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spaghetti & dessert!

Wooo. Was inspired by Chong-er who made spaghetti for his parents, and i realised that i've never made spaghetti on my own! So i got the ingredients list from mum, and tried cooking for girlfriends.

I quote dong gua's comment on the food, main course and dessert: Your cooking is heavenly!

Ha. It totally made my day. :)

Wooo. And the dessert, also V-day gifts, turned out to be fantastic. Even though it's the first time i'm trying this recipe (from an issue of Her World mag 1 yr+ ago), and i modified it so much too.

mum said: I think you make better ang-moh food than chinese food.
(hmm.. I still have so much to level up!!!)

patrick and leney said: Wah¬ very nice leh!!! the flower can eat one? (after tasting) mm.. mel! VERY NICE! i think you chose the wrong course. you should become a chef.
(that was my first choice when i was younger! But i'm afraid i can't persevere through such a tough job though. Perhaps after i retire from being food doctor. haha)

*Sorry if i seem proud. I'm just REALLY glad to make good food, and share it with others. And i'm quite sure one of my primary love languages is words of affirmation. Thus the comments. :)

Saw the roses and hearts from Phoon Huat some time ago, and i knew straight away i had to use it for V-day. Happy Valentine's day to everyone, even singles! Dearest YPMers will get my gift too. Enjoy!

I would have loved to give one to Serene too. You need to eat more!!! But you've flown off! Too bad. My wishes to you still. Caleb better be romantic hor! haha. In your 'macho' kinda way. :)

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