Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Camp 2009

Easter Camp 2009 was.... THE BEST. Let me share some experiences:

1. Managed to get to know so many new ppl from UniSA and AU.

2. Spent alot of time getting to know the newer members from Flinders.

3. Had a word in season encouragement by a friend, plus we've decided to start a spiritual discipline together. Simple, but practical. 15mins time alone with God every morning before we do anything else. (Already, 1 more friend has joined us in our accountability grp, and.. God has already answered some prayers of ours!)

4. Aunty Merrilyn, the most outstanding (to me) of the Board of Advisors was our speaker.. And she showed Christ in an INCREDIBLE light. Her face literally lights up when she talks about Christ and I would daresay, the best example of Christ i've ever met in my life. Her feet carries the gospel to the ends of the world in various countries, and she never ever stops ministering, showing love to the needy, and even us members and she never forgets out names or what is happening to us. Thing is, it's not about the theology or the teaching or the charisma or the eloquence. So what if she always gets carried away with her countless stories? So what if we're all sitting on the wooden floor and our butts are really sore by the the end of each sermon and the muscle (or fats, haha) aches even after camp? I think we were all sooo ministered to and inspired to live for Christ with just her living example. Modern day Paul equivalent.

5. 2 ppl gave their lives to Christ!!! And 3 non-Christians from our centre went for camp as well. 1 of which i've been trying to sow (in lots of frustration, but not yet tears) and i hope one day someone will reap in joy. They didn't commit but the seed has been sown, 2 of which in fertile soil.

6. A prophecy was spoken that really shot through my heart. 'The arm of flesh will surely fail you, but I will never fail you'.

7. Learnt about the pre-requisite to the title 'Leader'. Which is servanthood. Ok, we prob all knew this already. But somehow, it's the determination now to want to serve, rather than just be pulled along with the programs. I say this now. I hope i won't be discouraged later...

8. Attended a 'Reaching out to unsaved family members' workshop too. I learnt tons. All along i thought reaching out to unsaved family members are like reaching out to any other non-christian. But there are differences, and those usually make it Very difficult. However, i'm gonna try and see if i can put what i learnt into practice. Again, it falls back not onto what the teachings are, but the real life example that the speaker showed. One point that really spoke to me, and i'll share cos' i think it'll benefit many others is that: Usually the closeness you have with your family members are the factors that are pulling you back. You might be too frank with them, you might feel awkward cos' you're spending so much time with them everyday that it makes it SO difficult to share. However, turn this around and use the proximity to SERVE them. Preach the gospel by first serving and touching their lives. Give your time to them, instead of just hanging out with Christians ALL the time. Two other very impt points that cannot be left out are also PRAYER and preparing how you're going to articulate your story, cos sometimes the opportunity just arises. So write a 2 min, 10min, and 30min testimony. Ready to share whenever you've got the chance.

It was freezing cold there at nights. The 1st night, it even reached 8 degrees. And all i had was a 16 degrees sleeping bag. Guess what? My water bottle spilled onto my bed, and half my bed and sleeping bag was wet that night too.
3/4 of the camp was girls, about 60-70 of us, and we only had 3 toilets and 4 showers and 4 sinks. Even so, 1 toilet couldn't flush and another shower broke. So all of us shared them all.
Some guys had to sleep in the freezing cold gym cos there wasn't enough bunks.

But so what? I'm not complaining, cos we're not going for a rest and relax comfortable resort. We went there because we're hungry and thirsty to 'Focus on Jesus' (Theme for camp). And our hearts were realigned.

I've been praying for a new mentor... and someone to approach Aunty Merrilyn with me if she was to be the one. Interestingly enough, i talked to Naomi yesterday just out of the blue when we were having dinner and watching TV together. She told me her vision from a long time ago, and I just found out of her desire to want to be a missionary in Nepal. GUESS WHAT? Aunty Merrilyn is coming to Flinders this Fri for OCF, and she's a missionary, and her compassion for the ppl is mainly in NEPAL! Gosh... We're gonna approach her this Friday. Keep me in prayer that i will be in the centre of God's will... I wanna learn and get a diffusion of her passion for Christ and ppl, how to reach out and disciple and also, just how to shine like never before as a Christian. Managed to, in this way, persuade Chin Chin to go to. Heh. She's a non-Christian, but her heart is almost ready... Just abit 'nua' sometimes. So needing lots of encouragement!! And prayer... :)


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