Thursday, April 2, 2009

HD! and Golden Key cos of past HDs!

God has blessed me abundantly. More than I asked or imagined!!!

I took back my exegesis essay. And I got a HD for that!!! Furthermore, my prof said that my paper was the best of the whole class, so she wants a copy so that she can print it out for the class to learn from. Oh my gosh.
I still remember i was so stressed during the whole week of attempting to do it, cos scholars all agree and disagree and there's so many different stands (unlike many foundational scientific theories). And they make me SOOO confused. When i finally finished it, and printed it out just in time to catch the bus to my class to submit the paper, i read it one more time on the bus.. and went something like... 'Shucks. I think i got the emphasis wrong. Don't even know whether i'm using the right tool to exegete the passage...'
But i actually did well!!! Somehow, i need to thank God for making me a perfectionist at times... Well, 1 down for exegesis. 3 more to go!

Also, today i got a letter from Golden Key International Honour Society. I've been offered to become a member cos i'm top 15% of undergraduate students at Flinders University in 2009 (meaning my last yr's GPA i guess)!!!!!
I have to pay a hefty sum of $95 for a lifetime membership. But it's a non-profit organisation.. and a summary of the benefits i get are:

  • Official recognition of your high academic achievement by an international organisation
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships available only to members
  • Career development guides
  • International networking with students and academics when travelling within Australia, the US and Canada for conferences and postgraduate study
  • Opportunities to participate in the chapter's community service, career development, social activities and to serve on the executive committee

It's been such an amazing journey being with my God, and obeying his command to come to Australia, to serve in his ministry, and to continue being a hardworking student. May I continue to know his heart more, and walk in step with his plans...


Back to more work.... and more meetings... and another presentation for OCF tmr... and another Katagana test to study for next monday.

But had a great Korean dinner just now and am refreshed, and probably fatter. (homemade and simple style. SUPER duper healthy cos we finished two big bunches of different lettuce and 2 whole carrots too. We made wraps with them and rice and kimchi and hot chili paste and sliced garlic. ) with ex-Korean housemate, Naomi and Cheryl... Pictures still with Cheryl, cos my camera is too lousy. So we used hers. haha. Show you all another time.

OnWARD, to honour God even more.

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Andrew said...

Wow, well done Mel. Joining this Golden Keyhole group sounds like a great opportunity. Hard work pays off hey :-)